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 Archive of news - February 2008

2008.02.28 - Beloretsk Integrated Iron-And-Steel Works Masters Unique Technology

Beloretsk integrated iron-and-steel works, part of Mechel company, mastered the unique technology of high-duty stabilized reinforcing wire production.
Professionals of Beloretsk integrated iron-and-steel works JSC and MFL, world leading supplier of drawing equipment and complexes for high-duty reinforcing wire for prestressed reinforced concrete mastered in cooperation the unique technology of stabilized reinforcing wires for prestressed reinforced concrete constructions of sorbitized rod . The total cost of development and realization of the project amounted to approximately 4mln. Euros, the output complex capacity - up to 25.000 tons of wire annually. Beloretsk is the first in the world to implement the technology of oxide mechanical removal from the rod of more than 8 mm.
Almost simultaneously with تخرح company MFL developed and carried out the mechanical removal of oxide from high-carbon rod with 8-12mm diameter within the line of drawing machine. The wire made has 3-6mm diameter and has tenacity of 1670 - 1960 N/mm2, that enables to get strands that meet the requirements of leading international standards - ISO 6934, EN 10138, ASTM A 416 and so on. Using the traditional method the material for stabilized wire is made of patented rod or process stock material with oxide been removed with chemical etching.
Mechanical removal of oxide is economically profitable, because the etching of the rod in the acid solution requires considerable expenses on construction, maintenance of the etching facilities, solutions for acid recovery and disposal works. Besides the elimination of the acid from the production process considerably increases the ecological properties of production. One more plus to add to the high competitiveness of stabilized strands of Beloretsk integrated iron-and-steel works is the state of the art technology of drawing the wire directly from the sorbitized rod maintaining the quality of the product.
While mastering new technology the specialists of firms and Beloretsk integrated iron-and-steel works solved the following problems: adjustment of rolling schedule and refrigeration of the rod of 8-10mm diameter on the rolling mil 150 of Beloretsk integrated iron-and-steel works, that enables homogenous fine microstructure after sorbitizing and necessary mechanical property; the quality of oxide removal without defects; the choice of highly effective oiling coverage with high degree of adhesion of rolling grease to the wire surface; the choice of rolling grease, enabling high-speed wire rolling.
Stabilized wire is the base of up-to-date effective construction technologies of pre-cast concrete with pretensioning of the reinforcing wire, as well as of the constructions with post stretching of the reinforcing wire. They are used in high rise skeletonized and monolithic construction (mean of support and floor slabs), bridge building (flooring, arched constructions, bracing wire), in buildings of nuclear stations and in many other engineering constructions. According to the data of scientific/research centre of steel compression the usage of steel reinforcing wire enables to reduce metal consumption and cost of the whole construction tenfold compared with reinforcing bar that predetermined their distribution in Europe, Asia and USA.
"Presently Beloretsk integrated iron-and-steel works, part of Mechel company is one of the biggest enterprises in the field of sundries production. Nowadays we pay a lot of attention towards the modernization of production, mastering the state of the art technologies and new types of products. One of the mains tasks is optimization of operating rate with orientation on the existing demand of the market. The decision to install the complex for stabilized reinforcing wire production was taken to meet the growing demand and considerable deficiency of this kind of product on the domestic market. In conditions of building boom Russia currently experiences new product is of extreme demand. The realization of this top important project will no doubt give a perspective to the development of the enterprise in general. Thanks to the exceptional quality of its product Beloretsk integrated iron-and-steel works is and will remain the unique enterprise with reputation of supplier of high quality wire products among its consumers both at home and far abroad", as the managing director of the Beloretsk complex Konstantin Nickolin admitted.

2008.02.27 - According to the Projection Leather and Footwear Field Retains the Growth of Production in 2008

According to the projection leather and footwear products manufacture will retain the growth tendency of production in 2008. This was told to "Bashinform agency" in the Department of metallurgy, forestry, light and medical industry of Ministry of Industry, investment and innovation policy of Russian Federation.
As it was explained by the specialists it stems from the increase in the production of several variations of leather and foot products. Thus thanks to the extension of the assortment the production growth is secured by JSC "Neftekamsk leather and foot factory", LLC "Ufa leather and foot factory". The products of Bashkir companies enjoy great popularity not only in Republic but also Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Perm and Krasnodar regions as well as in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Udmurtiya and Tatarstan.
Besides the gain in the production volume in the subindustry is connected with work of "Sterlitamak leather and foot complex" and "Oktyuabrsk leather and foot manufacture" on the scheduled rating.

2008.02.21 - "Nonwoven Mill" Modernizes the Production Line in 2007 and Finds New Customers in Kazakhstan and Germany

The augmentation of the textile production in Bashkortostan in 2007 for greatly favored by the growing demand for produce of Tuymazin LLC "Nonwoven mill", say the specialists of Department of metallurgy, forestry, light and medical industry of Ministry of Industry, investment and innovation policy of Russian Federation.
The largest demand is for geotextile reinforced fabric for road construction, needle-punched fabric "izopol", used for noise insulation, polyester batting.
The enterprise reacted to the growing demand with the enlargement of the product assortment. Using the money of their own as well as bank loans the modernization and reconstruction of the technological equipment of the mill has been completed. It allowed getting down to the manufacturing of combined geotextile fabric, used for coffering of gas and oil pipelines. Thermobonded fabric for noise insulation, "armoset" fabric for asphalt-concrete covering, combined fabric with grass seeds for strengthening of the slopes of the car and railway roads - all of them emerged in the assortment of the products manufactured.
Not only the assortment expands but also the geography of shipping. Thus to Germany and Kazakhstan with the agreements signed in 2007 some 104.000 sq.m. of fabric on 4.5mln. roubles were exported.

2008.02.14 - The Total Volume of Investment into Joint Enterprise "Elektrozavod" and "Moskabelmet" to Amount to more than 250mln Roubles

In Moscow the procedure of signing of foundational documents ended the first stage of creation of the joint enterprise of the biggest Russian manufacturers of electrotechnical production - Moscow JSC "Elektrozavod" and CJSC "Moskabelmet". The main areas of activity of joint venture OJSC "Moskabel-Elektrozavod" will be the production of transposed and enamel wire aimed at manufacturing of winding for oil-cooled transformers, reactors and other electrotechnical equipment. The state registration of new enterprise is scheduled for February/March of 2008.
The advantage of joint venture compared with other companies producing the same products is the implementation of brand new technologies for production of transposed and enamel wires quite popular among the enterprises of energy machine building complex.
Transposed and enamel wires belong to brand new production not only in Russian but also in foreign market, therefore it is expected that the marketing outlet of joint company will be composed both of domestic and foreign enterprises of energy machine building complex.
The shares in the statutory fund of the joint venture whose total volume is calculated 120mln roubles will be divided in the following way: LLC "Moskabel-winding wire" - 51 % of statutory fund, JSC "Elektrozavod" - 49 %. During first stage the common volume of investments in joint venture will amount to 250mln roubles. At the first stage parts are aimed at securing the output capacity in the outlet volume of more than 8.000 tons per annum. According to business plan of JV the stable annual increment of the volume and nomenclature of manufactured production is scheduled.
Joint venture is a result of longstanding partnership of LLC "Moskabel-winding wire" with the leader in scientific-technical development and the largest Russian producer of transformer equipment JSC "Elektrozavod", admits Mikhail Portnov, president of the group of companies "Moskabelmet". The goal of this venture is the production of highly-technological equipment with quality and price parameters, enabling the substitute of the product JSC "Elektrozavod" has to buy now abroad, as well as the creation of the conditions and potential for further development of the partnership in this promising economy sector.
The creation of the modern science absorbing mechanism supplying Russian market with the unique production is an important constitute of the process of modernization of the energy machine building sector of Russia - general director of holding company "Elektrozavod" Leonid Makarevich says. - The main objective of the joint stock venture is the augmentation of own share of enamel quadrangular wires up to 30 % on the Russian market as well as dynamic offtake of the transposed wires abroad.

2008.02.13 - The Quality of Bashkir Company "Tuymazyglass" Products Awarded on the International Exhibition

The quality of Bashkir company "Tuymazyglass" products was awarded the sequent diploma.
The specialists of the plant exhibited their products on the VI international exhibition of perfumes and cosmetics "InterCharm" in Kiev.
Tuymazyn company released the series of products for perfume and cosmetics enterprises there. As it was informed by press-service of the enterprise the goods of Tuymazyn company evoked the biggest interest among the near abroad countries, the talks with which are now going on concerning bulk supply.

2008.02.08 - Uchalinsk Mining And Concentration Complex to Boost Production of Copper in Concetrate

Uchalinsk mining and concentration complex (UMCC) in 2007 boosted 3.7% the production of copper in concentrate compared with the last year. Such being the case for the preceding year UMCC produced 51 373 tons of copper in concentrate. Make of ore reached 5015 hundreds of tons (110,4%).
Besides Sibay subsidiary of Uchalinsk MCC mined 28990 tons of copper in concentrate that is 1,5 times more than in 2006. Make of ore reached 469 hundreds of tons - 1,2 times more than for the preceding year.
It should be noted that Sibay subsidiary of Uchalinsk MCC undergoes technical upgrade. For instance modern drilling machine "SOLO-7" has been recently bought for 23,5mln roubles. The unit was provided by Finnish company Sandvik - one of global leaders in mining machinery production.
Drilling machine will operate at Sibay subsoil delf "The lower reef". It is already the fourth drilling machine bought for the delf.
Using this machine it will become possible to considerably increase the drilling efficiency for this unit can stand for 3 drill-rings that are currently used.
The machine is equipped with on board computer. Programmed parameters of drilling determine their sensitivity. For example this operational unit makes it possible to drill within a radius of 360 grades and at the same time is characterized by big sensitivity of programmed characteristics - the range, drop rate and all parameters of drilling.

2008.02.04 - JSC "Ufa Engine-Building Industrial Association" Furthers Cooperation with "BashTransGas"

Gas-compressor equipment acquires more and more decisive share within the structure of JSC "Ufa engine-building industrial association"(UEBIA). At the end of the preceding year at LLC "BashTransGas" 4 gas-compressing units marked UEBIA passed tests and were put into operation at gas compressor stations "Moscovo" and "Polyanskaya".
As it was informed at the enterprise the plans for the current year are even tenser. The assembly of 4 new units GCA-16R "Ufa" is scheduled to complete at gas compressor stations "Moscovo" and "Polyanskaya". The assembly of other units of GCA-16R-01 "Ufa" modification that are called to replace GCA-10 "Wave" will be carried out at "Sharanskaya" and "Polyanskaya" gas compressor stations.
Ambitious program of pilot-plan and pilot-project work is also planned. First of all it touches the actual test of the electric started system CEZ-130, that will enable to save huge fuel volumes. The test of experimental alternative system of vibration control will take place as well because the home solution is safer than the foreign that is currently used.

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