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 Archive of news - March 2008

2008.03.31 - "Immunopreparat" named as one of Russian nominees of international award "Elite of national economy 2008" "

Ufa affiliate of "Immunopreparat" of federal state unitary enterprise "NPO MicroGen" of Healthcare Ministry of Russian Federation - represented by doctor of medical science professor Mahamat Alsynbaev - was named one of Russian nominees of international award in the sphere of entrepreneurship "Elite of national economy 2008". Merits and achievements of the affiliate in the sphere of country high economic potential forming, development of social sphere were highly appreciated by the society.
This award was established by the initiative of Committee of State Duma on economic policy and Fund for facilitation of entrepreneurship of Russian Federation with the support of Ministry for economic development and trade of RF, Ministry of regional development of RF, Ministry of industry and energy, Moscow state Duma and the Public Chamber of Russian Federation.
The workers of Ufa enterprise greatly contribute to the development of innovation potential of the country and social sphere, realization of high priority national project "Health". Near 68bln. roubles were invested into the modernization of production and technological processes of the enterprise, as well as into buying of new pharmacology equipment in 2007. The sum for production of immunobiological and medical stuff amounted to 773bln. roubles till the end of last year. All this favored the successful completion of National calendar of prophylactic immunization.
But the specialists of the affiliate do not stop at the reached. As it was informed by company's press secretary Guzel Yusupova "Immunopreparat" annually implements new products. One of the last - the one of great demand in practical medicine of scientific researches of our microbiologists - immunoglobulins for intravenous injection against Cytomegalovirus and Herpes simplex. Now the production-experimental series of the new products are prepared for sending to Moscow Scientific research institute of Tarasevich for control. No specific immunoglobulins against the abovementioned diseases have been produced in Russia yet.

2008.03.26 - Japanese manufacturers find interest in Oktyabr plant "Alternative"

The official delegation of Japanese association on trade with Russia and new independent states (ROTOBO) visited "Plant of plactic articles "Alternative" in Oktyabrsk. For four days of their stay in the republic the delegation members visited 8 enterprises they had chosen themselves among the 89 included into the Catalogue of innovation projects made by Ministry of industry, investment and innovation police of Russian Federation. ROTOBO is a public organization. It was created in 1967. Nowadays the association is the only organization in the land of rising sun that facilitates the development of business cooperation between Japanese enterprises and former socialistic members of Eurasia. It has near 200 members with big trade companies, plants, banks, fund companies as their participants. Many successful enterprises working jointly have been established for the last time after such visits.
Instead of 2 hours originally planed the guests - specialists on optimization of technological processes with an interpreter - spent more than 3 hours at "Alternative", visiting practically all the time the workshops and getting acquaintance with the production. The Japanese confessed that it was for the first time that they got interested in the enterprise that deals with plastic not machinery building. They marked high pace of technical re-equipment and astonishing assortment of the company (in the valid catalogue there are more than 380 items).
As a drawback the experts noted the irrational usage of electricity. The general manager of "Alternative" Rail Fahretdinov agreed with this: "Our guests were not the first to detect this problem: we know about it. Moreover we take steps towards its solution. New equipment that have substituted the old one everywhere consumes notably less energy. Besides new economization program is being developed and it has several aspects. Among them - the usage of the movement indicators, that switch the light on only when there is a man inside the building."
We may only be glad for the Oktyabr plastic manufacturers that reached such prestigious level, that awoke the interest of Japanese business circles towards "Alternative".

2008.03.26 - Working group of Austrian company "AVL" visits enterprises engaged in "Tolpar" tractor production

Working group of Austrian company "AVL" is in Bashkortostan with regular visit. It will last till 28 of March.
The aim of the visit is the continuation of the work on planning of main assembly production of universal wheel tractor "Tolpar" on the prospective spot in Kumertau. Besides there are plans for preparation of suggestions on alternative assembly spots for modules "Booth" and "Transmission".
The workers of "AVL" will visit "Iskra" JSC, federal state unitary enterprise "KumAPP" and "Sterlitamak - M.T.E" JSC.

2008.03.21 - Ufa motorbuilding production association masters new welding methods

Ufa motorbuilding production association (UMPA JSC) masters new direction - automated management of welding technological processes with the usage of computer.
For this purpose the German unit KA-40 was introduced in one of the workshops of the enterprise. To work with it one must have certain knowledge and experience. Complicated welding joints for instance for body of avia motor AL 55 will be produced on this installment.
As it was informed at the enterprise, further on the welding production will include the wide usage of equipment with numerical control. Next in turn is the equipment for friction welding. The exclusive rights for this technological process has UMPA JSC.

2008.03.19 - New collection of "8th of March" JSC will not be put into industrial production so far

"8th of March" JSC launches new clothes collection that will be sold in April.
These are business suits, dresses and sundresses. The main colors of collection are classical ones: black, grey and white. The collection is supplemented by blouses of wine red and pastel shades - lilac and beige.
The output volume won't be industrial so far. The total number of items to be produced is up to 50 of each model. These clothes will be sold in republic in spring.
The wholesalers from others regions of the country can also buy Bashkir suits. The volume of these shipments the enterprise will define on the basis of the contracts signed. The cooperation is presupposed with Habarovsk, Angarsk, Irkytsk and other cities.

2008.03.17 - Neftekamsk leather haberdashers send more than 20.000 bags off-republic this year

The wholesalers from other Russia regions buy annually more than 20.000 items of "Neftekamsk leather haberdashery" JSC. Such being the case 7.000 of woman bags will be shipped to Perm region, 6.000 - to Udmurtiya. Tatarstan women of fashion will also be able to buy Bashkir bags - republic schedules to buy 5.000 items of Neftekamsk enterprise.
As is is admitted at the enterprise the main volume of goods produced by the designers is bought by the Bashkortostan consumers. The factory annually manufactures nearly 125.000 of bags for men, women and children of the region.

2008.03.06 - UralTechStroy corporation applies new productivity standard

Bashkir "UralTechStroy Corporation" JSC applied new productivity standard - SCADA TRACE MODE 6 in the automated system of instrument calibration for productivity of oil well for oil, water and gas in the service conditions. It corresponds to state standard.
This standard presupposes general metrological and technical requirements for measurement of the quantity of crude oil and petroleum gas eviscerated on territory of Russian federation as well as the precision of measurement with parameters of crude oil and petroleum gas taken into consideration. The standard is applied to as a base in case of methodic development for measurement the quantity of gas and oil eviscerated and for the choice of particular measurement instruments.
Within the framework of system for instrument calibration for measurement of productivity of oil wells the working place for operator of first class standard was designed.
The principle of operation of the oil wells productivity standard is based on the imitation mode of the reproduction of the material flow. Storage tanks are filled with certain quantity of water and oil. Thanks to the pumps the flows of oil and water are reproduced within the given discharge tolerance, later on the gas is added. Than all this is directed to the measurement unit. The evaluation of the flow parameters (of water, oil and gas) is fulfilled with high-accuracy Coriolis acceleration flowmeter MicroMotion from Elite series. The source for water andoil are tanks placed in technological section. The high-pressure cylinder is the source for gas flow.
The standard of wells productivity according to state standard is composed by technological and apparatus sections, placed in block-containers, assembled on single base. The management of the standard and the processing of measurement information is carried out by the automated control station on the basis of SCADA TRACE MODE.

2008.03.04 - "TuymazyGlass" JSC launches new products species

"TuymazyGlass" JSC got down to production of new products - glass bottles for blood, transfusion and infusion medicine with 450 ml capacity.
Presently Tyumazy enterprise is one of the biggest specialized manufacturers of glass products for medicine and food industries. As specialists of the enterprise point out new production is one more achievement as it is quiet difficult to produce it - the thickness of the bottle for blood should be the same within the whole product.
New production will be manufactured in one of the seven glass-worked furnaces that work all around the clock.

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