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 Archive of news - May 2008

2008.05.30 - "Elektrozavod" to invest more than 2.5 billion roubles into the reconstruction of the industrial complex in Moscow

Within the framework of the strategy of modernization of the production facility of Elektrozavod holding company the large scale reconstruction and re-equipment of the company in Moscow is going on. Presently the reconstruction process is 70 % finished. The general volume of the investment into the modernization is more than 2.5 billion roubles.
The industrial complex of the Elektrozavod holding company in Moscow is one of the biggest manufacturers of the electrical equipment in Russia. The enterprise offers more than 2500 types and varieties of transformation and reactor equipment. All the assembly work is carried out along with the constant manufacturing of the main production of the plant.
As General manager of the JSC Elektrozavod Vladimir Kalauschenko says, they plan to completely finish the modernization of the enterprise till the end of 2008, and at the same time the end of modernization will enable to create new super powerful complex on production of transformers on the basis of the Moscow plant. Re-equipped and modernized technical and production basis of our plant enables to develop and produce high quality electrical equipment that is of demand among native and foreign clients.
The start of operation of the research-experimental complex equipped with the newest research and measurement equipment is the result of the first stage of the plant modernization. Complex provides the complete examination of the production manufactured including testing of transformers and reactors with the electric potential of 1150KV. Putting into operation of the testing complex with screened high-voltage gallery with the total square of 4.000 square meters enabled to increase the quality and surety of the production manufactured as well as guaranteed the implementation of scientific research investigations in the field of transformer building.
The second stage of modernization is presently finishing - the production facilities have been significantly augmented, some new equipment have been installed: vacuum ovens for baking of the active parts of transformers in the vapor of the kerosene by Heidrich (Germany); the installation for the plasma cutting of the steel by Messer (Germany); winding machine for coils of Tuboli company (Switzerland).
New modern line is been put into operation - slitting-and-shearing line for transformer steel with width up to 1000 mm with stands for assembly of the frames with carrying capacity 100 and 200 tons with the press and shroud equipment of Astronics, Switzerland. This equipment is unique and will enable to drastically automate the cutting of the steel, will provide more accurate cut and will boost the technical characteristics of the manufactured product.
New workshop on solid insulation production has been put into operation, that enables the production of all range of the insulation details of any configuration and sizes foe electrical equipment of all classes with the voltage up to 1150 KV. In main assembly workshop cranes with load capacity of 100 and 250 tons were put into operation, as well as they started the usage of new special transport means on air-cushion with load capacity up to 400 tons of Delu company, Germany.
Even today the technological potential of the production complex completely secures the production of triphase transformers with capacity to 630 MVA for voltage 330 and 500 KV and autotransformers with capacity up to 533 MVA for 750 KV voltage, shunt reactors up to 300 MVA for 1150 KV voltage.
The end of the reconstruction will let to boost production capacity more than twofold. The production volume of the JSC Electrozavod will reach 17500 MVA up to 2009.
In it worth to mention that the external image of the plant has also considerably changed: modern workshops of the production complex are the adornment of Preobrazhensk quay capital (Yauza river) and Elektrozavodskaya street.

2008.05.26 - JSC "Mechel" announced the realization of the next stage of the modernization program of production facilities in JSC "BMC"

JSC "Mechel", leading Russian mining and metallurgical combine announced about the launch of new stranding machine and mine excavator at its affiliate - JSC Beloretsk metallurgical combine.
In particular as it was informed by the combine's press centre new stranding machine have been put into operation at the enterprise manufactured by Italian company Mario Frigerio. This tool will enable the production of high quality cables with 11,5-16 mm diameter as well as to increase the output volume of 16-22 mm cables.
Machine performance amounts to more than 4 thousand tons per annum. The price of new project is near 40 billion roubles.
Currently JSC "BMC" is one of the Russian leaders in the production of steel cables for various purpose with 0,6-64 mm diameter. New equipment will enable the company to expand their presence on the market.
New modern excavator "Hitachi" have been also acquired by the combine for work on Pugachevsk lime-pit. The excavator is equipped with two scoops 0,8 and 1,8 cubic meters capacity and with hydraulic coin, that will be used for ragging lime stone of off-gauge faction for further processing on crushing-screening plant. New machine meets all modern technological demands and is distinguished by high productivity.
All new acquirements are made within the framework of JSC "BMC" investment program aimed at boosting the production level and output volume as well as at to decrease working expenses and gaining additional profit.

2008.05.26 - New version of Neftegaz internet community has been launched

Neftegaz community of Russia launched second version of Neftegaz community www.oilforum.ru. New version is distinguished by more comfortable navigation, registration and usage. Internet forum is intended for the communication of specialists from oil and gas industries, for the opinion exchange and news discussion, skilled workers selection and quick advice of the professionals.
Among the regional communities there is also Bashkortostan. Apart from oil and gas companies of the republic it is open for communication of their colleagues from Saint Petersburg, Sakhalin, Tatarstan, Udmurtiya, Baku and other cities from Russia regions and the Baltics and CIS.

2008.05.23 - Sowing time changed by attendance of the sowing

All in all 5 per cent of grain area are left to sow in Bashkortostan to end the sowing time. In general the plan on sowing spring-crop is completed in 20 regions of the republic. According to data of Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation there are less than 5 % left to the 12 regions of the republic.
Farming enterprises continue laying the foundation for future crop of sugar beet. Quarter of the scheduled land is uncropped. Bakalinsk, Belebeev, Ilishevsk, Meleuzovsk and Checkmagushevsk regions completed all the works.
Straight after the sowing agricultural producers start attendance of the sowing. According to the plan regions have to carry out interspace cultivation of 112,6 thousands hectares of sunflower. This work will be secured by farming enterprises of 30 republican regions. Currently 11 % of sunflower plantations have been processed. Bakalinsk region is leading having completed the plan on 33 %. Sterlitamak region has 29 %. The biggest sown area of sunflowers is in Kuyurgazinsk region - 11 thousands hectares. It has been processed on the level of 25 %.
One more sort of spring work is chemical crop weeding. The farmers of the Republic suppose to prevent "green fire" on 1,2 billions of hectares of plough land. On 25 of May agricultural producers applied chemical products to 5 % of this area. The leader of chemical crop weeding - Gafuriysk region: 25 % of region plan. 25 % of the scheduled have been made by Mechetl people.

2008.05.12 - "BashSpirt" honoured international award "European Standard"

JSC "BashSpirt" honoured an international award "European Standard". The achievements of the enterprise were evaluated by Institute of European Integration that started namesake with the award program 4 years ago. The awarding ceremony was in Bern in April 2008.
"BashSpirt" awarded such a prestigious award for a significant contribution into the preservation of production traditions of alcohol drinks and achievement of high quality products facilitating the exit to the global markets.
Joint stock company competed with companies that are engaged in implementing and development of Russian technology standards, management and quality. Expert council of the Institute made the nominee selection among the participants and winners of the most respectful national competitions. The reason for awarding of BashSpirt was the compliance with the international quality standards of quality management, effective implementation of European innovations, equipment and technological lines, the existence of teal perspectives of entrance into the European market, European style of management and other factors.
The ruling concerning the award was taken by European public commission with the members from 4 countries - acknowledged leaders in implementation and coordination of international economic and political cooperation from France, Germany, Russia and Switzerland.
According to the opinion of international experts the award "European standard" corresponds to the certificate of compliance of enterprise's production, its brand, corporative management to the European standards, informs press service of Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation.
By the way, among the nominees of award "European standard" are: Nestle company (Switzerland), "Siemens AG" (Germany), "Renault" concern (France), Magnitorsk Metallurgical combine, JSC SurgutNefteGaz, Moscow plant of beer and alcohol-free drinks "Ochakovo" and other Russian enterprises. Institute for European Integration is an international non-commercial organization created with the support of Council of Europe. An institute facilitates and brings together Russian and European standards in economy and social sphere, constantly cooperates with Council of Europe and business-related groups from Germany, France and Switzerland. It has its representative offices in Berlin, Strasburg, Bern and Moscow.

2008.05.08 - The Ministry of Construction and Transportation of Republic of Bashkortostan had a visiting meeting with the brick manufacturers in Sterlitamak region

Ministry of Architecture, Construction and Transportation of had a visiting meeting with the producers of small waling material of Bashkortostan Republic in Bolshoi Kuganak village of Sterlitamak region.
The choice of the place foe meeting was not accidental, as the first deputy of the Minister of Architecture, Construction and Transportation Halit Mahmudov says. There are two big enterprises specialized in brick production. The participants of the meeting before the business part visited both companies where got acquainted with technological processes, equipment and perspectives.
We need such meetings, - informed Halit Makhmutovich to Bashinform Agency. - Besides the directors of the enterprises we also invite the workers of science, education, Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Transport, CEO of construction companies, Gosstroynadzor, specialists from other regions to discuss completely the results of the work for the defined period, to discuss the moments that are an obstacle on the way of effective work, to share experience. The construction field develops, new materials appear, but brick is of demand. Nowadays we produce it approximately 600 billions items per year. But the growth in housing constructions means the growth in brick production and perfection of the quality.
It was the theme of the conference that was held in the form of round table. The deputy of the Head of Sterlitamak region administration Sergey Kravchenko introduced the history of the region, its social and economic development. The deputy of the Minister of Construction, Architecture and Transportation of Bashkortostan region Halit Makhmudov told briefly about the state of the construction industry of the region.
There was a comprehensive talk about the quality of the production manufactured by the enterprises on small walling materials in connection with the entrance into force of new State Standard 530-2007, about the state of labor protection on the brick plants, about the education of the specialists for the enterprises on Bashkir economic-technological college. The Head of Gosstroynadzor of Russian Federation draw the attention of the discussion participants to the need of product certification. "There have been 15 improvement notices about the usage of low-quality brick, " he admitted. He also underpinned that rigid control will be further carried on. The theme of the implementation and certification of the systems of the management of quality of construction industry was continued by Lubov Isaeva, general director of ANO "BashStroyCerticikaciya". Analyzing the requirements of new state standard she recommended the managers to examine the documents more closely.

2008.05.06 - Sterlitamak "Kaustic" solves technological and ecological issues itself

Sterlitamak "Kaustic" has been solving technological and ecological issues itself for decades investing for these purposes a lot of own money. Even in the most non favourable 90th the technical re-equipment and modernization of acting facilities have been going on. For instance in the severe conditions in 1996 there has been constructed a huge complex on vinyl chloride and poly vinyl chloride with facility capacity boosted 6 times. The management of Republic Bashkortostan and the President of Bashkortostan Murtaz Rahimov by himself actively supported this initiative and they managed to "clear the bar".
At the beginning of April the staff marked the 10th anniversary of this event as well as the beginning of new stage in vinyl chloride and poly vinyl chloride - the enlargement of facilities up to 200 thousands of tons per annum. In today's market conditions the realization of this task requires both moral efforts and material investments.
The core of the investment project is simple: by application of innovational approach to carry out some radical changes in 2008-2009 that are able to drastically change the ecological situation by means of large scale modernization, implementation of energy-saving solutions and own know-how.
The complex investment program includes 3 main directions: firstly, the investment into modernization of technology of production of monomer vinyl chloride, secondly modernization of technological cycle of polyvinylchloride production, thirdly investment in merely ecological objects including the reconstruction of biological treatment plants with envisaged investment of 100bln roubles. The gross investment sum with the investment into environmental protection for 2008-2009 period will amount approximately to 80bln Euros.
The financing of the projects that are at different stages of realization, but with rationally placed priorities, more precisely - the contract signing dates, equipment acquirement, supply of repair parts was open in the end of 2007. The schedule is tight made foe every month. The third part of all sums on each direction of the 2008 works has already been paid and amounts to 11bln Euros. To make it more clear let us admit the following: cooperating with such native and foreign suppliers like JSC "PoliHimServis", state unitary enterprise "Salavatgiproneftehim", JSC "Research and Development establishment Turbocompressor", "Alfalaval", "Kokh-Glich", FerroSteel and many others the specialists of JSC Kaustic do not leg behind from the tight schedule concerning terms and financing.
As a result of the work completed work projects are carried out, the channels for supply of special equipment, pipes, pumps and repair parts were worked out. Final terms for supply of principal equipment for center of pyrolysis of dichloroethane have been drawn.
According to the Chief engineer Fedor Afanasyev the result of the developed program will be the solution to a lot of ecological problems, among which the considerable decrease of the steam consumption, approximately by 20 % in the production of polyvinylchloride. There are and others advantages that will come out during the operation after the completed modernization.
JSC Kaustic Sterlitamak is the constant co-investor of the city ecological programs. For instance in the state agreement where the main client is Ministry of Nature and city administration the investment participance of "Kaustic" at first stage of the creation of new modern monitoring ecological program is evaluated at approximately 3,2bln roubles without VAT. 30% prepayment will be completed in May of current year that is more than 1bln roubles. The acceptance of the first stage will be in October 2009. It is planned to install primary sensors at the sources of dichloroethane and chlorovinyl emissions that will give signals to the station near the plant about the emissions of hazardous substances into the atmosphere. In its turn it will fix the percentage of the harmful components. This local system will belong to every enterprise of the city that participates in the program. This statistic installation operating in on-line mode will be in the plant zone and will be its property. The information will be send to a special check point where it will be analyzed thoroughly at the special equipment. In the same year 2009 it is scheduled to complete the second stage more expanded with the implementation of the monitoring on concrete components. For "Kaustic" these components will embrace dichloroethane, chlorovinyl, ethylene, chlorine, that are mostly referred to vynilchloride and polyvinylchloride complex. And all this will last till complete differentiation of all specific components.
As we can see the today financial possibilities and achievements of scientific technological progress let the enterprise make a decisive step towards the implementation of science intensive and energy saving technologies, as public relations department of JSC "Kaustic" informs.

2008.05.06 - Japanese philosophy to the Bashkortostan enterprises

"Economical production" - one of the popular themes in the machine building not only in Bashkortostan but also in the whole world. Its actuality is explained by the strengthened rivalry on the background of substantial growth in economy, exhaustion of the resource of the non-investment growth, the limits in the possibilities for the investment growth.
As the first deputy to the director Robert Vagapov said during the latest enlarged meeting of the Ministry of industry, investment and innovational policy board the key instrument of the competitiveness growth in the row with the technical re-equipment is the organizational innovation. One of them is "economical production" that originates from Japan. Per se it is a system of constant improvements management. It is aimed at the development of the company's possibility to constantly boost labor productivity, decrease the net cost of the product, to decrease the terms of shipping and other expenses and losses of the production.
The introduction of the system is non-investment project. It is of organizational character. The main in this philosophy is a human factor that is team work. On the opposition to the traditional management under team work it is understood not corporative meetings and discussion of the tasks together. The ideal variant is that at the enterprises implementing the system of economical production should exist life employment, the atmosphere of mutual help and family. The principles that are spread inside the company should expand on its clients and suppliers. If there are any problems they are solved together. Frankly speaking this system that is called Lin in the Country of Rising Sun can be compared with the soviet collectivism and rationalism.
To express it more scientifically every worker should realize and feel the necessity of self organization and exclusion of exceeding of some rational minimum. At the same time there is need to give some delegations and to explain strategic aims to the workers in accordance with their qualification and possibilities. Such work is combined with the marketing technologies and building of the chain of inner consumers and suppliers that are oriented on the consumers. Workers, engineers and managers directing their efforts on the elimination of the reasons of non-correspondences and useless expenses with joined efforts are capable of to create "economical production" as the highest form of effective business. It refers not only to production but also to other processes on the enterprise.
The world experience of the effectiveness of this system is rich in examples. The famous company "Jeneral Electric" saved from 8 to 12bln dollars having implemented Lin system, the largest aluminum company of USA "Alkoa" saves more than 1bln dollars per annum.
The process of implementation of new fashion philosophy stirred up at many Russian enterprises. Such being the case "Severstal-Avto", "ZMZ", "GAZ" and others auto giants demand the supply of the details and parts according to the principle "right on the button".
Robert Vagapov thinks that it is a high time to spread "economical production" on the enterprises of republic.

2008.05.05 - Bashkortostan people will taste Darjeeling Tea soon

The negotiations are still running concerning the agreement about the tea supply to Bashkortostan from North Bengal. According to the agreement not signed yet 20 tons of Indian tea of TGFOP and FOP standards will be supplied monthly to the tea-packing plant "Teastan".
According to the words of plant commercial director Valeriy Abramov the talks about mutual cooperation were started even before New Year, when there was a visit of delegation of business circles of India to Bashkortostan. Now the consortium of producers and sellers of tea is operating in North Bengal that will carry out the realization of the agreement from Indian side.
Generally speaking we have not had yet direct providers of this level. Indians promise to gladden Bashkortostan citizens with Darjeeling Tea - the most elite tea of four types of Indian tea sold pure.

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