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 Archive of news - July 2008

2008.07.31 - In September of this year Public corporation "Polief" will reach its estimated capacity

Blagaveshchensk Public Corporation "Polief" plans to reach its estimated capacity in September of this year. In July the company has set in operation the second PET production line of 60 thousand tons of yearly capacity. This will allow the company to increase its PET manufacture to 120 thousand tons per year.
The PET is one of the most popular and prospective materials, used for bottle production and bottling, and for fiber and composite materials production and food packing film.
For this company the PET manufacturing means reaching the new level of profitability, obtaining new revenues, because PET is a product, widely demanded on Russian market and it provides high level of profitableness.
The plant production capacity of refined terephthalic acid amounts to 230 thousand tons per year. Year-to-date Public corporation "Polief" has produced 105 thousand tons of RTA.

2008.07.31 - Bashkortostan Republic Ministry of Industry: the textile and clothing manufacture is going to develop till the end of the year

Till the end of the year 2008 in textile and clothing manufacture stabilization and development tends are going to prevail. The Ministry of Industry, Investment and Innovation Policy of Bashkortostan Republic is also confident in country's metallurgy, timber processing complex, and its light and medical industries. According to expert opinions, such trend is conditioned by the growing demand for the products of these companies and by large investments, made into the modernization of trade enterprises.
During the first six months of this year the most successful became "Iskozh" public corporation, which carried out the modernization of knitting manufacture on its knitting factory. Presently the company got new round knitting equipment working on its factory.
In order to increase its production space and production volume, to create linear technological production line, to uplift competitiveness of knitwear manufacture in public corporation "Ufimsk knitting factory", the company put into the operation new production facility, equipped with modern knitting machinery made by "Shtol" Company.
During the current year close corporation "Ishambaysk hosiery factory" acquired two compressors for quality compressed air delivery to hosiery machinery.
The payoff came in due time. On all the above mentioned enterprises the production volume increased: on "Iskozh" public company by 11,7 percents compared with the similar rate in the year 2007; on "Ufimsk knitting factory" public company by 18,4 percents and on close company "Ishambaysk hosiery factory" by 7,4 percents.

2008.07.29 - The "Monomer" had major repairs going

The major repair at "Monomer", which is a part of public holding "Salavatnephteorgsintez", is over. It started out in May of this year and became the third full-scale major repair in this subdivision after it shifted to two-year overhaul cycle in 2004.
This year, according to EMS press service information, besides the traditional examination of vessels, boilers, steam and hot water mains carried out and inspection and repair of safety valves and fittings done, there were modernizing jobs planned to be carried out on the active plant manufactures.
The pyrolysis shop, for instance, had new insets made into the operating mains for the fitting of new furnace used for pyrolysis of ethane fraction. Its startup is planned for the fourth quarter of the year 2008. The insets will allow to joining the new furnace of pyrolysis without having to stop the entire manufacture.
In benzol shop the obsolescent and deprecated equipment of computer-aided system used for "Benzol" unit control was replaced with new control system of "Yokogawa" Company. This will allow improving the efficiency of production monitoring process and will providing the opportunity to implant more advanced system of emergency automation.
During the repair in gas separator shop there was a replacement made of M-1 turboset steam turbine. The new steam turbine consumes some 20 percents less stream of extreme pressure providing the same capacity output. Besides the shop got new plate type heat exchangers of "Kompablock" model, manufactured by "Alfa Laval" Company. Unlike the old ones these exchangers have low resistance and larger heat-transfer surface. At this, their size is twice smaller than that of previously used equipment. Other plant equipment went through the modernization as well.

2008.07.28 - "OZNA" has manufactured 1500 unit of reagent batching

"OZNA" company has manufactured a reagent batching unit with symbolic works number "1500". "BDR 25/1" is going to operated at deposit of Atirausk region of Kazakhstan, just because Kazakhstan oilmen have ordered the production of this unit.
According to the stock company information, the history "OZNA" BDR production is 15 years old: the first type of this unit was manufactured back in 1993. Since that time reagent batching units have in overdesign and added considerably in automation. Present time BDR units have several hundreds production options available. They can have implosion protection options, engineering capacity one to ten cubic meters and be equipped with different types of flow meters.
Last year reagent batching units so to say got wheels, thus new they are available not only stationary building, but also in movable one.
The geography of BDR deliveries covers all oil regions of Russia and CIS countries. The additional benefit of using reagent batching "OZNA" units is their wining in Russian quality competitions. In the year 2001 BDRs became finalists of "100 best Russian products" program; this year the product got a prize-winner diploma of the "Best Bashkortostan products" competition.

2008.07.24 - Textile and clothing industry of the region rev up their production volume

Textile and clothing industry enterprises have boosted their manufacture capacities during the period of time January-July. According to Bashkortostan information, for the six month of the current year this industry companies have increased their production by 19,2 percents, compared to the same period of the last year.
Large and middle size light industry enterprises for the same six months time space have increased their production by 11,1 percents, compared to same six months of the year 2007. There are 15 fast developing companies of the Republic, which produce over 70 percents of all the textile and clothes goods manufactured in the region. Among the leading companies there are listed public corporation "Nephtekavsk PO "Iskozh", close corporation "Ishimbaisk kntitting production factory", close corporation "Ishimbaisk hosiery factory", Ufa close corporation "Working clothing manufacture plant", etc.
In June the production volume of leather, leather goods and footwear has dropped a bit in the Republic. Consequently, January to July of the current year the subindustry enterprises have decreased their production by 11,2 percents compared to the same period of the last year.
As to the large and middle size enterprises of the region en masse, for the aforesaid period of time they have dropped their production by 29,4 percents, compared with the last year.
Such subindustry rates are conditioned by the fact that many enterprises were created only during the last and current years and did not have time to launch their estimated capacities. Many of the existing companies increase their capacities and actively modernize their manufactures.

2008.07.22 - The work group of Austrian company "AVL" visited Ufa.

A working group of "AVL List GmbH" (Austria) made a regular visit to Ufa.
As we were informed in Department of Industry, Investment and Innovation Policy of Bashkortostan Republic, the goal of this meeting is to presenting the results of preliminary design grade of medium price class unique wheel tractor "Tolpar". Besides they had to discuss the report and information on tractor major components in 3-D format of the previous contract.
The Department of Industry, Investment and Innovation Policy of Bashkortostan Republic representatives and the mangers of technical stuff of engineering companies will take part in this meeting. They are the potential suppliers of major components and replacement parts for the Bashkiria tractors.
The Austrian experts will stay in the country until July 24.

2008.07.18 - Nephtekamsk automobile plant plans to assemble the buses using "Mersedes" chassis.

In the course of negotiations between public corporation "Nephtekamsk auto plant" and German representatives of automotive plants and subdivisions of "Daimler Buses" and "Mersedes-Benz Buses" there was a attained a letter contract concerning small and middle class buss assembling using "Mersedes" chassis.
As we were informed at the plant, the German representatives offered "NephAZa" several versions of prototype assembling of 8 and 10 meters long busses using "Mersedes" chasses and involving the German experts in the process. Western partners are ready to grant all the necessary documentation.
During the negotiations Raif Malikov the general manager of public company "NephAZ" stressed the need stick to flexible pricing policy and to set the competitive price level for the Russia market of buss manufacturing joint venture. The prices should not reach over the 65 thousands Euro cost. The managers of "Daimler Buses" have confirmed such possibility.
The final decision as to the bus family the auto plant managers will make after the visit of Russian experts to Germany, where they supposedly will discuss the prospective of collaboration with the "Mersedes" company.
The interest of foreign companies to Nephtekamsk auto plant is not new and accidental. Starting with 2007 the plant produces three modifications of busses as a joint venture with the "VDL" Belgium and Netherlands Company. In June of this year other European plants started to consider collaboration possibilities. Among them there are listed "Iveco" and "Daimler".
In public corporation "NephAZ" total volume of the manufactured products for the first six months of the year amounted to 5,7 billions of rubles. They keep on building up of robotics complex assembling and welding up of side and back dumper boards. In august they will have fitted together Sweden equipment manufactured by "ABB" company and new laser links assembled. We got this information from the press service of "NephZA" public corporation.
This all is done for improving investment attraction of the enterprise, and, of course, for the sake of people, working on the plant. The improvement of work conditions for "NephAZ" is one of the major tasks.

2008.07.17 - "Tyimazisteklo" public corporation has tallied up its work results for the first six months of the year 2008

During the first six months of 2008 "Tyimazisteklo" public corporation has manufactured goods to the amount of 409 millions of rubles. Over this period the company has dispatched good to the amount of 372 million of rubles. The utilization of production capacities amounted to 91,7 percents. The quantum of output for export in money terms amounted to 16 millions of rubles or 4,3 percents to the total products sold.
As the company announced to "Bashinform" agency, during the last six months the plant has mastered manufacturing of five new products.
According to "Tyimazisteklo" public corporation experts, the company actively works on execution of the intended modernization plan. Over 200 millions of rubles of VTB bank proceeds of credit were spent on modernization.
Average number of plant workers amounted to 1851 people for the first six months of the year and the average wages amounted to 11 821 rubles.

2008.07.11 - "Sodis-Style" Salavat sewing company started to manufacture school clothes for 2008-2009 school year.

"Sodis-Style" Salavat sewing company started to manufacture school clothes for 2008-2009 school year. The company plans to produce 2 thousands of school clothing sets to meet the order. The order was made by various schooling institutions of Salavat.
In January of the current year factory designers have developed and published a catalog, which they distributed among the city schools. In May-June of the current year the company has gotten the orders and it plans to finish the sewing of the collection by July-August of this year.
The line of school wear collection includes both girls' and boys' clothes, created for the 11th grade students. The collection includes two, three and four-piece suits. As we were told at the factory, all the kids' and teenagers' clothes are made of native fiber and the school wear is made of wool mixture fabric.
Not only people from Salavat City would be able to purchase "Sodis-Style" school wear, but also people from other cities and regions of the Republic. They will be able to do it at School fair-2008, which will be organized in Ufa in the third decade of July.

2008.07.09 - Ufa knitting factory has designed women's clothing collection "Autumn-Winter-2008"

"Готовь сани летом, а телегу - зимой". Guided by this popular wisdom Republic light industry companies proceed with designing autumn-winter clothe collections.
Public corporation "Ufa knitting factory" has already manufactured first parcel of women's clothing for the upcoming autumn and winter season. This season is pretty gloomy, so company's designers decided to brighten up the life of fashion-conscious women by using vivid colors. Thus, the basic color of the collection is red with all possible tints of it: from pink to crimson; all tints of blue and the entire classic and all season colors, such as black, white and gray. The clothing is decorated with strips and various geometric figures.
New collection family is quit diverse: it includes jumpers, smocks, dresses and even coats. Factory masters have developed over 30 new models of clothing.

2008.07.07 - Sibai branch of Uchalinsk GOK took a test and was put in commission the third section of floatation.

Sibai concentration plant branch of Uchalinsk GOK celebrated an event, which this enterprise and its contractors worked for during two years. After going through technical modernization the third section of blending and floatation was put in commission.
The ore pulp from the first and second blending sections of the main factory building has filled the vats and pipelines of the new section. The floating machinery, pumps, compressors and washing cyclones had begun their work. The modernized third section buzzed up and revived and thickeners received its first batch of copper concentrate.
Technical extension of the third floating section has significantly improved the work of the factory team of employees.
- It is no nice working on new and modern equipment - those are the words of flotation operator Fatichh Sergeev - the production is more automated now. We got more modern equipment and machinery.
There are many novel things here now. The old floatation equipment had the floatation process happening right before our eyes: at arm's length we could see rotating foam machines, which pushed metal saturated bubbles into the gutter. Expert flotation operators had to monitor and control the flotation production process, guided by bubble color, form and other outward signs and by physical-mechanical indicators of the equipment, made in the last century; when needed they had to introduce corresponding changes into the manufacturing process.
Now, after the pulp is transmitted into the gutter, you can it only through the floor grating: the techno grounds and traps are laid right over the flotation machinery. The rational arranging of the new equipment provides additional comfort for personnel during the operation and machine-tending.
Each machine has its own electronic control box. Fatikha Rakhim'znovna explained to us that from these boxes you can control the air input, foam layer thickness and other operation parameters of every single machine separately and of the entire production line simultaneously.
- The new equipment in balancing and commissioning mode - says the senior foreman of the main building Irina Soshnikova.
Directing the technological process Irina Alexandrovna has greatly appreciated the efficiency of the third section modernization.
Control experts, shop power supply and automation workers, laboratory of control instrumentation and automation specialists, central chemical laboratory scientists and staff of Sankt-Petersburg NPO "RIVS" together with the personnel of the concentration plant have taken part in the activation of this equipment. The "RIVS" company has manufactured all the concentrating equipment and has installed it together with Uchalinsk mining and smelting "Alliance" factory personnel.
- It's a momentous day for Sibai concentrating factory - declares the NPO "RIVS" chief engineer of installing and adjusting Konstantin Rizhkov. The factory moves on to the new level of production technology. Equipment startup proved that factory staff is ready to work on the renewed section and will be able to match up to the results assigned for the project.
The modernization of the third section was carried out as a part of nonferrous materials quality improvement program of Ural mining and smelting Corporation ore-dressing factories. According to factory chief engineer Farit Sif'yanov, the implementation of the advanced enrichment process flow sheet involved the replacement of flotation machines park, pump equipment and technological pipelines, as well as pulp classification equipment.
When remodeling the regrinding shop, two mills started operating after the new factory process sheet. Owing to the installation of the modern equipment this section has been replenished with new process sheets of end product flotation and copper regrinding.
- The section has gained essentially new flotation machines, hydraulic cyclone units, working in automatic mode and "Courier-6" Finnish pulp analyzer- tell us Farit Sagitovich. - Presently we carry out its calibration. For now the control over workflow is done by using local control boxes of flotation machines, batch measuring equipment, flotation reagents, pumps and hydraulic cyclone units. After the fitting of the main control console, all the section operation data will be entered into it. Flotation operators will manage and control the production process from the main control as well. When the factory we get the zinc ore delivered, they will start zinc flotation processing. Consequently it will resolve in significant increase of quality and quantity ore treatment production and in concentrated nonferrous materials production of concentrating Sibai factory.
The analyzing of the copper concentrate batch, produced by the third flotation section, showed the 18,5 content of metal in it. After the finishing of the commissioning by the autumn of the following year and plant reaching technological design conditions, the quality of the copper concentrate will increase and the metal concentration will reach up to 20 percents of content. The production capacity of the third flotation section is 1.7 millions tons of processed ore per year. This will be the determinant that will assist Sibai concentrating factory to fulfill its production plan of over 2 millions of tons of ore per year.

2008.07.04 - The textile and clothing manufactures of the region continue to expand the production volume

The textile and clothing manufactures of the region continue to expand the production volume. Over the period of five months of the current year subindustry factories have increased their production volume by 29.9 percents, compared to the same period of the last year. Compared to the May rates the production volume increase reached up to 16.5 percents. Such information was given by Bashkortostan.
We would remind you that production volume of this type of business is formed mainly by 15 large and middle size companies, which produce up to 70 percents of all textile and clothing Republic manufacture. Among the leaders of the industry there are listed public corporation "Nephtekamsk PO "Iskozh", close corporation "Ishimbaisk knitting factory", close corporation "Ishimbaisk hosiery factory", Ufa close corporation "The factory of working cloths", etc.
According to Bashkortostan, during the five months of the current year large and middle size enterprises of this subindustry have increased the production volume by 28.7 percents, and May production volume by 8,1 percents.

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