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 Archive of news - August 2008

2008.08.29 - IBUR and "Salavatnephteorgsintez" are about to create a new company in Bashkortostan

Public corporation "Salavatnephteorgsintez" and public corporation "SIBUR Holding Company" signed a memorandum on mutual understanding, in which both sides announced about their intention to create a joint venture: "Salavatsk Nephtechem Complex Ltd." (SNCC). The memorandum provides project investments on parity basis. The management of the enterprise, located on "Salavatnephteorgsintez" production space, will be carried out by joint project team.
They plan for SNCC to become a large industrial complex, which will also include large-tonnage manufacture of inferior olefins (ethylene, propylene) by pyrolysis method stove gasoline and reduction of carbureted hydrogen gas. Plus they plan to carry out further processing of olefins and pyrolysis by-products into liquid products: polyethylene, polypropylene, ethylene glycol, benzol and butadiene. We got this information from press management department of public corporation "Salavatnephteorgsintez".

2008.08.27 - Bashkortostan metallurgy increases its production volume

Bashkortostan metallurgy industry and manufacture of metallurgic complete products show stable growth. Industrial performance index of the first six months of the current year came up to 119 percents. There was 30,2 percents increase in products dispatched compared to the same period of the year 2007.
The largest metallurgy public corporation "Beloretzk metallurgy plant" continues to increase its production volume and produced 291 thousand tons of rolled metal, which is 9 thousand tons more than for the same period of the year 2007.
The overall hardware production came up to 237 thousand tons. It increased the production volume by 38 thousand tons or 19 percents, compared with the same period of the last year. Physical volume index came up to 111.1 percents. Plant finished products, service and work earnings increased by 39 percents, compared with the same period of the year 2007.
Year-to-date the plant developed the manufacture of six new kinds of products. It amounts to 35 percents of all the export products.
The increase of hardware production volume is also notable as such corporations as "BelZAN", "Uraltechnostroi-Tuimazichemmash", Beloretzk plant of shocks and springs" and "Blokzhilkomplekt". These companies production makes the fourth part of all the dispatched production of this kind in the region.

2008.08.26 - Ore mining produced over 2 billion dollar gain.

The stable growth is inherent to Republic ore mining industry. Industrial performance index for six months came up to 109,9 percents. There were products dispatched by 6,7 percents more than during the same period of the year 2007.
The summed profit of large and middle size metal ore mining companies on June 1 2008 amounted to over 2 billion of rubles.
According to Department of Industry, the determinant of industry growth rates is the non-ferrous metal industry of Republic. Since 2004 the stock of mining companies of Republic belong or committed to trust managing of "UGMK-Holding Ltd."
The leading non-ferrous metal mining industry and mining operations "Uchalin GOK" public corporation has reached the desired rate of growth by the year 2007. The index of physical volume of major metals, such as copper and zinc has came up to 102 percents. Ore production program is carried out for 106,6 percents. The planned performance of ore minerals are the following: 108,1 percents of copper and 107,8 percents of zinc.
The ore concentration plant has completed the plan by 104,3 percents. There has been attained a growth of the above mentioned useful components extraction: the copper by 1,9 percents and zinc by 4,2 percents. The opencast development of "Zapadno-Ozernyi" deposit was started in the beginning of the year 2008.

2008.08.25 - Bashkortostan forms up to 15 percents of the foreign trade turnover of PFD and 1,3 percents of Russia.

Bashkortostan forms up to 15 percents of the foreign trade turnover of Privolzie Federal District. In PFD export Republic share amounts up to 16,7 percents, and to 6 percents in import. At that, Bashkortostan rates take the third place in the district yielding to Tatar Stan and Samara region.
According to Foreign Affair Relations, Trade and Enterprise Ministry of RB, the share of Republic in overall federal foreign trade turnover amounts to 1,3 percents. During January-July of this year Russian rates amounted to 359 billions 613 millions of USA dollars. The Republic rates are 4 billions and 688 millions. At that Bashkortostan share in Russia export amounts to 1,8 percents.

2008.08.20 - Public corporation "Tyimazisteklo" became an industry leader in CIS

Public corporation "TYimazisteklo" increases its manufacture. Uriy Pustovgarov, the prime minister of Bashkortostan government and minister of Industry, Investment and Innovations has visited the plant and got acquainted with its growth. After inspecting its production capacities, new ampoule break off ring production line, and site area, where they are building the first medical dimming glass furnace in Russia, Uriy Pustovgarov said:
- The main thing is that they are moving forward. Two years ago this plant was in crisis. Now "Tyimazisteklo" is a leader of CIS industry. They also have plans of invading European market.

2008.08.20 - The installation of water decaling unit is being finished in "BMK" public corporation.

In the hottest shop of "Beloretsk metallurgy plant" public corporation, which is a part of "Mechel" company, there is being finished the installation of water decaling unit, which can significantly improve the quality of the finished products.
The rolling mill is one of the essential shops of Beloretsk metallurgy plant. They produce here the rolled wire of 5,5 to 14,0 mm from different metal sorts. The installation of the German unit was carried out within the framework of equipment modernization and quality improvement program of "BMK" for the current year. Thus we were told in the plant's press service.
The water decaling unit is placed right behind the heating furnace. This unit is crucial for production string of rolled wire. The scale appears when half-ready products get heated up and it can be conductive to defect formation on them. This significantly influences the quality of production. The water decaling unit allows the plant to increase significantly the quality of rolled wire surface.
Water is served to the water decaling unit through special sprayers under pressure of 300 atmospheres. The sprayers are satiated so that water jets would cut off the scale like knives. The unit has closed loop, which provides the high level of manufacturing safety. The sprayers are equipped with high efficiency filters.
Due to high efficiency mill work the entire "BMK" public corporation metal wire and rolled wire manufacture has a stable production capacity use. Besides, Beloretsk rolled wire is supplied to the following companies: Vyartsilsk hardware plant, Lithuanian plant "Mechel-Nyamunas" and Romanian plant "Mechel Kumpunya Turziy", and to various Russian hardware plants and their foreign partners.

2008.08.18 - "Pratt&Whitney Canada" Company delegation visited UMPO

The delegation of large aircraft building company "Pratt&Whitney Canada" with its vice president mister Joseph Torketti recently have visited "Ufa motor building manufacturing association" public corporation.
According to public relations Department of "UMPO" public corporation, one of the main meeting themes of association leaders and Canadian representatives' discussion was the intention of PW-127/TS turbo shaft engine manufacture for new Russian helicopter "Mi-38".
We will remind you that the contract was signed in May of the current year within the framework of First International Exhibition of helicopter industry "HeliRussia-2008" (Moscow). The report was signed by "UMPO" public corporation, "Russia Helicopters" public corporation, FGUP "ZIAM" and "Pratt&Whitney Canada". Ufa Company will take part on equal rights in the manufacturing of engines. Besides, it will be responsible for such essential operations, as assembling and testing.
During the visit the delegation members got acquainted with the production cycle of UMPO. The head of the delegation mister Joseph Torketti visited the assembly shop and praise the high end level of Association's technology and equipment.

2008.08.13 - "Tuimazisteklo" is getting ready for "Glasstek-2008" international specialized exhibition

"Tuimazisteklo" public corporation is getting ready for largest international specialized exhibition "Glasstek-2008", which will be conducted October 21 tÓ 25 in German city Dusseldorf.
"Glasstek" has a say-to of the only largest innovation glass industry platform in the world. For example, last exhibition was conducted in the year 2006. There were over 1300 exhibits there from 46 countries of the world. The exhibition was attended by over 54 thousands of specialist form 90 different countries. The most successful world's enterprises have exhibited their products, production and technologies in the range of glass manufacture on this exhibition.
By no chance "Tuimazisteklo" public corporation together with other few Russian participators has presented its stand at "Glasstek-2008". In the year 2009 the company plans to develop the manufacture of dimming glass (of world's quality with no analogs in Russia) and to enter with this product on European and other world's markets. According to experts, Bashkortostan Company is quit capable of doing it, because quality caricaturists and, what is more important, product price will be very competitive.
Presently there is a large scale modernization going at the plant. By the year 2011 the company plans to invest almost 1 billion of rubles into technical plant modernization.

2008.08.08 - Sterlitamak "Caustic" celebrates the Company Day by increasing its progress in social sector

Today Sterlitamak "Caustic" celebrates the Company Day - 44 years since the day of manufacturing its first products. During these years the chemical plant has grown into the largest company, stably manufacturing high quality products and dynamically developing its innovation strategies. They stably adopt new non-pollution, high end technology and energy saving technologies.
The social guarantees of company's employees are detailed in the collective agreement, which fulfillment depends on successful production activity. Performance index for the first six months amounted to 102, percents. Working efficiency has also grown; personnel wages increased by 20 percents. The company has supplementary costs; it spends money for staff health improvement. The company also pays off one time financial aid.
Besides, the plant has an optimized system of staff education and retraining. 2 902 staff plant workers are constantly trained and retrained. The company keeps on investing in labor protection. Every year the investments in this sector even increase.
The company especially attends to kids' respite and veteran support. 450 kids have spent their holidays in health improvement camp "Sputnik". According to public relations department of "Caustic" public corporation, the plant has given veterans financial aid to the amount of 498 thousands rubles.
We wish to remind you that plant staff workers have real opportunity to provide for their future through non government "Promregion" pension fund, the founder of which is "Caustic" public corporation. This fund has a state license and offers its investors an opportunity to save up part of their pensions using parity program. Non working pensioners can receive excess fare to their pensions in the amount of 1500 rubles depending on their overall record of service.

2008.08.06 - The work totals of machine building companies of the Republic for the fir six months of work and future prospective goals were discussed in Ishimbai.

Presently the machine building industry companies of the Republic and the entire country work in close conditions. Raw materials grow in price, especially the metal ones. The prices for electricity increase, too. The dollar rate decreases, negatively affect the financial activities of export oriented companies. Many companies now are interested in optimization of their production facilities and renunciation of secondary products production. Production modernization, introduction of innovative technologies and manufacturing cooperation become acute needs. Last Tuesday these issues were discussed at republican conference in the framework of Bashkortostan Republic work totals of machine building companies for the fir six months of work and future prospective goals discussion.
According to "Bashinform" agency, this event took place at the territory of "Vityaz" Machine building company" (Ishimbai). The directors of over 50 of Republic defense and industrial companies, agencies, municipal areas and city districts of Bashkortostan took part in the discussion. The conference was led by Uriy Pustovgarov, Bashkortostan government prime minister and minister of Industry, Investments and Innovation Policy.
We got the data indicating growth slowdown of industrial production. Starting in April industrial performance rate of the Republic gradually went down and for the six months of the current year came down to 109,5 percents. Nevertheless, this rate is still higher than the Russian one (105,8 percents). The average republic industrial performance rates are beaten by some companies of this industry: "Machine and equipment production" group it came up to 115,2 percents, "Electrical equipment manufacture, electronic and optic equipment" came up to 125,7 percents, "Machine manufacture" - 113,1 and "hardware production" - 114,7 percents.
In these all types of economic activities the largest production growth is provided in such corporations as "NephAZ", "Tuimazinsk ready mix tracks plant", "Blagoveshchensk attachment plant", "KumAPP", FGUP UAP "Hydraulic" and others.
During the first six months buss manufacture increased up 1,5 times, oil and gas processing equipment and electric low voltage gear increased more than thrice, trailers and semitrailers, wheelchairs for invalids and oil equipment production increased a quarter. At the same time, light bulb manufacture has decreased by 10,3 percents, vacuum cleaner manufacture went down by two thirds, iron production decreased by 42,6 percents, snowmobiles production went down by half and some products have been taken out of production.
According to Uriy Pustovgarov, year-to-date dispatched locally produced products and provided services by machine building companies of Republic amounted 35,6 billion rubles. This beats the last year by 6 percents. Over 70 percents of the dispatched products are produced by 20 largest companies.
The decrease in production occurred at such corporations as "Ufa plant "Electroapparat" - its production rates went down by 49,8 percents; "Ufa plant "Promsvaz" - went down by 57, "Sterlitamaks machine building company" - went down by 62,5, public corporation "UZEMIK" went down by 78,7, "BETO" went down by 87,8, "UELZ-SVET" by 93,7, "Gidromash" - 92,3, Federal State unitary companies "UAPO" - 96,6 and "UPPO" - 91,5, and close corporation "PO Rosnephtemash" went down by 94,9 percents.
During the first six months Republic machine building complex Research institutes and Design departments showed stable performance. According to live data, their production volume increased by 17,3 percents compared to the same period of time of the last year. The share of the research and design work in the entire production volume amounted to 60 percents. Almost one quarter of this work is government order.
Uriy Pustovgarov announced that for the sake of increase in competitiveness of machine building complex and in efficiency of state property management, "Rostechnology" State Corporation will receive part of Bashkortostan OPK companies after dealing over with all the procedural questions. Here we talk about seven companies: those are federal state unitary companies " Ufa argentum company "Hydraulica", "Ufa argentums production association", Ufa scientific production association Molniya", "Ufa instrument making association" and public corporation "Soliton" (Ufa), "Hydromash" (Salavat) and "Ufaaviaproekt".
According to the minister, among the commonly encountered problems of Russia and Republic there are the raw material price increase, parts, semi-manufactured articles, energy resource price increase, dollar fall in exchange, low pace of technical modernization, insufficient companies' activity in innovations, and cutting down of crediting. Locally encountered problems include such things as low wages and past-due wage accounts, state arrears and non state funds, QSE deficiency, the decrease in profit plans and loss of some companies, slow pace of inner Republican cooperation relations and problems with owners.
After the data presentation provided by the RB Ministry of Industry, Investments and Innovation Policy, accompanied by slide show, the discussion of pressing problems took place. The head of RB Ishambai municipal region administration Rais Ibragimov briefly told about the work of Ishimbai machine building companies and resumed the region activity during the first six months of the current year. Irek Arslanov, the GM of "MK Vityaz", has given a report on the development prospective of "MK Vityaz" corporation during the merge with public corporation with "Scientific Production Corporation "Uralvagonpavod" and about the possibility of Republic companies' cooperation in prospective programs operation. The GM of "NephAZ" public corporation Raif Malikov talked about the experience of Nephtekamsk car plant cooperation with small-scale business and outsourcing implementation. Vyacheslav Kruzhkov, the director of RNTIK "Bashnechinform" addressed the topic: "The possibility of engaging the Republican intersectoral industrial cooperation center in production activities of Bashkortostan Republic companies".
Vladimir Sholom, the chairman of "The Union of Bashkortostan Republic Employers" association and the GM of NPO "HTZ UAI", announced about the systematization plans of companies' membership in various public organizations. The point is that there are great many public organizations today and most companies cannot timely take their cue as to which of those are useful and which work only on paper. Meanwhile, RB Employers' Union is connected with many companies and enterprises and is willing to provide them with valid information as to the collaboration in certain areas of enterprise; for example, in the area of car parts manufacture.
Many were interested in the information, provided by close corporation "Technological protective coating systems" (Moscow) GM Lev Baldeev, about the organization in the republic of a new manufacture with the modern gas-thermo evaporation method implementation. After the conference the excursion to the branch of Ishimbai Company took place, where the above mentioned technology was successfully implemented.
After the conference the new machine building complex development goals will be set for the second six months of the year 2008 and for the future.

2008.08.02 - At public corporation "Tuimazisteklo" a new glass furnace was set in service.

At public corporation "Tuimazisteklo" the ignition of a new container glass furnace of 65 tons capacity took place
The furnace was made after European technology. Especially for this furnace there was purchased Emhard brand glass-forming machine for 500 milliliters bottle production. There would also be set in service a new filling line made by close corporation "Steklopack".
This would be a second new furnace, set in service on this plant during the year 2008. The ignition of the first NS-3 class furnace took place on April 15.

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