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 Archive of news - September 2008

2008.09.17 - Beloretsk metallurgists complete winterization

Beloretsk metallurgy plant, which is a subsidiary of "Mechel" company, is completing the shop winterization for the 2008-2009 winter season.
There was done much work for providing regular and quality heat supply of "BMK" public corporation facilities and for securing the trouble-free operation of heat equipment during the cold, as well as for effectiveness increase of energy supply use on the plant. Particularly, there was done a fixing of energy equipment, water boilers, and boiler department chimneys. Heat supply shops of the plant were audited, as well as heating systems of office buildings, storehouses, and ventilation equipment. The necessary repair work was done. The measures that can guarantee the availability of all workflow links of the plant are determined.
In the summer all the shops and subdivisions of Beloretsk metallurgy plant were provided with all the needed supplies for carrying out the repair work and preparing the plant for winter season operation. After the repair and before the start of heating season the backbone heating network of the plant were successfully tested. The central storehouses got a supply of working clothes and footwear for the winter season work. There was also made a reserve supply of fuel for boiler heat stations.

2008.09.15 - "Tuimazisteklo" sets in service German production line

German production line used for manufacturing of different kinds medical household empties is being set ins service at public corporation "Tuimazisteklo".
Emhard brand equipment allows producing the empties with narrow and wide necks. The line production amounts to 180 items per minute.
The equipment installation is carried out by "Stekloservis" Ukrainian Company. As we were told at Tuimazinsk plant press service, the one-shot product manufacture on the new line is planned for the beginning of October.

2008.09.09 - "OZNA" will manufacture the equipment for Kazakhstan

The NPP "OZNA-engineering" experts have designed an automation system for commercial gas metering unit. It will become one of the links of "Intergas - Central Asia" gas pipeline. There will be made complex technical equipment with wide range of opportunities for the largest volume transportation of gas-transporting system: automatic current matter, gas composition, hydrogen sulfide content observation, dew point and heat value analysis. Both "Emerson" and "AMETEK" equipment is used for gas composition analysis.
The design philosophy of the new gas assessment unit is block equipment installation directly at the control spots and means and automation system service. This means the equipment, which requires periodical control and service, will be placed in two panel boxes, while the rest pipe manifold will be set outside of it. Besides, the delivery structure includes operational box of metering unit.
The NPP "OZNA-engineering" experts, who designed this automation system, have implied FloBoss consumption controllers with hot standby in the capacity of information processing, which secure the performance of all the functions, required for flow measurement and parameter checkout of measuring process. The workstation of the operator with software meets all such system demands.

2008.09.05 - Public corporation "Polief" conducts a month campaign of civil defense

September 4 to October 4 the public corporation "Polief" spends a month of civil defense. During this period of time the company will take part in the best use of defense facility best use and maintenance contest inspection.
Besides, this month campaign plans include annual inspection of availability and correct storing of personal and collective protection equipment, and trainings of their correct implementation. Using commemorative booklets and leaflets the plant staff workers will be reminded the rules of fire safety during the heat deficit period.
As we were informed in the plant press service, special tactic trainings will be the main event of this month. Such trainings are conducted for the inspection of out-of-staff search-and-rescue unit actions in case of the breakdown of potentially dangerous enterprise facilities. Public corporation "Polief" is listed among such facilities.
At the end of the month campaign civil defense units will participate in the celebration of the 76th anniversary of civil defense in Russia.

2008.09.05 - Belmetkombinat rolling plant is going through the reconstruction of air cooling line

Belmetkombinat rolling plant, which is a branch of "Mechel" company, finishes up the first stage of air cooling line reconstruction. This reconstruction is one of the most important events of equipment modernization program for the current year.
In connection with the large air cooling line reconstruction work volume, the reconstruction process was broken down to three stages. As we were told in the plant's press service, in the course of the first stage there were fixed up four blast cooling ventilators. There were also new VP-18 ventilators set with their capacity reaching 120 thousands cubic meters of air per hour and with frequency controlled drive of 200 kilowatt capacity. High efficiency output of the new equipment is reached at the expense of special airflow division. Such equipment, produced by Artem machine building plant, is unique. There is no analog at any other industrial plant of Russia.
At the course of the further air cooling line reconstruction there will be set other similar systems and the existing ones will be modernized. Cooling wire belts will be replaced by roller beds. There will also be installed mechanized heat-insulating covers. Receptacle shaft will also be reconstructed. Cooling process operation will be completely automated.
The air cooling line reconstruction of 150 Machine is done with product diversification purpose, and for manufacturing of sorbitized rolled wire of 10-12 mm in diameter with stable mechanical properties. The next reconstruction stage will be carried out in the framework of the planned machinery overhaul.

2008.09.03 - July was a critical month for UMPO

July is a first month of the current year, when "Ufa motor building production association" corporation managed to obtain some profit. Thus we can hope that be the end of the year the plant will be able to reach its performance targets. There is some obvious change for the better. "Bashinform" agency was informed about it by public corporation "UMPO" GM Alexander Artukhov. Due to some external and internal factors machine building companies experience crisis. The external factors include price increase for raw materials, primary for metals and energy supplies, and dollar fall in exchange. Since all the major UMPO contracts are long termed and USD currency oriented, dollar rate drop has negatively impacted on the first six months totals. Presently there is a certain tendency for stabilization and even USD currency to rubles rate increase, which positively impacts the acivities of large exporters, among which public corporation "UMPO" is also listed.
Among the internal factors, which impact industry operation, Alexander Artukhov named insignificant adoption of energy-saving technologies. Modernization and technical overhaul of the plants can aid in problem solving. During the few last years UMPO has purchased modern and more efficient equipment.
According to public corporation "UMPO" GM, certain results were achieved by raw material supplier negotiations, and company partners. Besides, the company goes on with facility optimization process and reconstruction.
- We get rid of back up production, and shops, which carry out similar type of work, - said Alexander Artukhov.
Due to their high prime cost UMPO had to terminate snowmobile manufacture. As to the manufacture of very popular motor cultivators, aberrantly it will be turned into a separate production. It can be placed on the territory of former car motor plant UZAM. Presently, equipment demounting is finished there.
- The organization of mechanical and assembly production at the new free facilities is the task that can take many years, - said Alexander Artukhov. - The first shop will also move to a new spot. With the time the company will also get rid of some of its buildings, because it is too costly to maintain such large territory (two millions of square meters!).

2008.09.02 - BMK started emulation in labor

Beloretsk metallurgic plant, which is a branch of "Mechel", has started a traditional "Labor watch" campaign of emulation in labor. It is aimed at manufactured products and services quality increase, as well as the increase of working efficiency and craft skills. The initiators of such "Labor watch" are plant administration and trade union committee of the plant. Hot mill rolling operators, crushing operators, wire drawers, annealers, engine drivers of wire coiling, metalworkers, electricians, machine operators and draw plate makers participate in the individual labor competition.
The outcome of the emulation in labor will be tallied in the end of the current year December, so we were told at the press service of the plant. Besides the diplomas, the winners will also receive cash bonuses. When the competition is tallied, there will be counted such factors as complaint absence to the commitment fulfillment, waste and technology break lack, systematic overfulfilment of quality standards during the watch, neat working places, no breaks of safety engineering and labor discipline, quality work at overhauls and servicing, no client reclamation, quality repairs of electric equipment, mastering of closely related professions and leadership.

2008.09.01 - "OZNA" corporation has signed the contract with Kazakhstan oil processing plant

Public corporation "OZNA" and joint Kazakhstan and Chine oil processing enterprise "PertoKazakhstan Kumkol Resources" (Kizil Orda city) have signed a procurement contract for 12 reagent metering blocks, which will be exploited at Kumkol deposit on the south of Kazakhstan, in the near Aral Kara-Kum desert.
There were four companies, including the foreign ones, taking part in the equipment delivery tender. "OZNA" has offered several order variants and won the competitive bidding. Thus we were informed by the press service of the plant.
The equipment for Kazakhstan oil industry workers will be manufactured after the explosion safety technology. Design and technology documentation of these blocks takes into the account all the client demands.

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