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 Archive of news - October 2008

2008.10.31 - Surguta Company merged with "OZNA" Ltd.

"Service Company OZNA" Ltd. made a new acquisition of public corporation "Industrial Systems" (Surgut). The acquisition of a new company allowed Octyabrsk city OZNA Company to enhance considerably its service business component.
The "Industrial systems" Ltd. is carrying out its business in the area of technical service of oil equipment and engineering systems; it also carrying out wiring and general construction work, inlays circuits and electricity transmission, etc. The enterprise personnel carried out building and assembling jobs and starting up and adjustment jobs on "Lukeoil-Altai", "Surgutnephtegas", "Pokachnephtegas, "Langepasnephtegas" and other industrial facilities.
Presently "OZNA" continues making significant investments into creation and stable work of service centers network.
"OZNA" Company provides its services in all oil-and-gas regions of Russia, including Khanty-Mansiysk, Kogalim, Noyabrsk, Irkutsk and other large industrial cities of Ural and Povolz'e.

2008.10.28 - The production of cars and equipment, vehicles and other manufacture is boosted in Bashkortostan.

The results of such production activity during the nine months of the current year are characterized by significant improvement. According to Bashkortostan, the production of rubber and plastic products is increased by 24,2 percents compared to the same period last year. At this the production of plastic manufacture has grown by 1.6 times; the pack polymeric units production has grown by 16,9 times and PVC elastron has grown by 8,9 percents.
Engineering industry has attained high growth rate. Due to the increase of gas-and-oil equipment production the cars and equipment production has grown by 43,2 percents (in present prices), chemical equipment production has grown by 22,8 percents, metal-cutting equipment production has grown by 16,4 percents, oil equipment production has grown by 28 percents and motor cultivation production has grown by 4,1 percents.
Vehicle production has grown by 7,8 percents, including buses, replacement parts for cars, tractors and farming machines production has grown by 24,5-26,9 percents; double-link crawler transporters production has grown by 35,3 percents; trailer and semitrailer production has grown by 8,4 percents and trolley coach production has grown by 10,3 percents.

2008.10.24 - "Bashkir Copper" Ltd. has received the funds for concentration plant construction.

"Bashkir Copper" Ltd. will receive over one billion rubles of funding for equipment purchase for its concentration plant under construction. The Enterprise entered this treaty with the affiliate company of "Gasprombank" - "Gasprombank Leasing".
The first stage of the "Bashkir Copper" Ltd. plant in Khaybulink area the Enterprise plans to launch in September of 2009. The estimated capacity of it will amount to 1,5 millions tons of ore per year. For the further processing the ore will be transported from Ubileyny and Podolsky deposits.
The second stag presumably will be launched in 2013. After its launch the plant capacity will increase to 3-4 millions tons of ore per year.
"Bashkir Copper" Ltd. was founded in 2005. The enterprise carries out extraction and processing of the copper ore.

2008.10.23 - There has been a new special "The Energy of Industrial Growth" edition issued in Ufa.

The Ministry of Industry, Investment and Innovation Policy of Bashkortostan Republic has issued a special edition of the "Best practice of Industrial Manufacture of Bashkortostan Republic (The Energy of Industrial Growth)" catalog. It is meant to present fully the manufacture of Republic's plants for the further promotion of the positive image of Bashkortostan in Russia and for boosting it up abroad.
The full edition of the catalog you may find on the official web site of Bashkortostan Republic Ministry of Industry, Investment and Innovation Policy.

2008.10.22 - The personnel of "Salavatnehpteorgsintez" Public Corporation will undergo training in the Switzerland.

The personnel of "Salavatnehpteorgsintez" Public Corporation will undergo training on plant and scientific and technical centers of Switzerland concern "Sultser". Today "Salavatnehpteorgsintez" Public Corporation and technological concern "Sultser" will enter the agreement of strategic collaboration.
For this purpose the Europe and Russia vice-president of the concern Peter Hugy and director of "Sultser Chemtech Ltd." Lorenzo Gelfi visited Bashkortostan. During their visit these specialists will also conduct seminars for SNOS personnel on the following topics: "Reconstruction experience of towers in ethylene manufacture", "The new technologies of partitioning in sterol and benzol manufacture", "The modern patterns of mass-transfer plates for petro chemistry processes". They will also visit the manufacture facilities of sterol and EP-300 shops, NN56 shops of "Monomer" plant.
"Sultzer" corporation is a world leader in equipment manufacture used for various gas and liquid separation processes used in chemistry, oil and gas processing. For many years the company has been a "Salavatnehpteorgsintez" Public Corporation partner, which assisted it in upgrading its fabrication systems.

2008.10.17 - The "OZNA" upgrades the equipment for "Purnephtegas".

"OZNA" Copmany has won the tender for upgrading automated group measuring unit "Sputnik". The tender was organized by "RN-Purnephtegas" Company. There modernization is going to be done to engineering unit AGZU "Sputnik".
Presently the paper work processing is completed. The modernizing work has to be finished by the end of the year.
AGZU "Sputnik" products are manufactured starting with 1969. There are about 40 thousand of such units working on petroleum deposits of Russia and the near abroad. The half of these units are manufactured by "OZNA" Company.

2008.10.15 - In September the prices for light industry products have not leveled up much.

In September the prices for light industry products of the region have not leveled up significantly. That is what has announced Bashkortostan.
In September of the current year compared to the last month the prices for textile and apparel went up in price by 0,8 percents. Compared with the same month of the last year the prices for these products have grown up by 10,6 percents. In tote, for the nine month of the current year the manufacture of this subindustry has grown in price by 9,3 percents compared with the similar period of the last year.
The prices for leather goods and footwear, manufactured in the region, did not grow in September compared to the prices in august. If we were to compare the price raise for the subindustry goods during the nine months of the current year with the same period of the last year, the situation would change. The price raise would come up to 10,8 percents.

2008.10.09 - The Ufa knitting factory has significantly expanded the assortment of its new autumn and winter clothes collection.

The assortment of "Ufimsk knitting factory" Public Corporation autumn and winter clothes collection was significantly expanded. If by the end of the summer there were only 30 line models designed, by today there are over 60 clothing models of sold both in women's youth collections.
As we were told in factory "Bashinform", the new line of clothing is classic and main colors used in its design are black, white and red. The line includes dresses, jackets, sundresses, skirts, pants, etc. Besides, it has both knitted and sown clothes.

2008.10.06 - The second aircraft Su-35 with UMPO engines has carried out a successful flight.

The second flying model of Su-35 fighter with "UMPO" Public Corporation engines has recently made its first flight. The test flight was carried out at the airfield of Komsomolsk-na-Amure aviation production association of U. A. Gagarin.
The aircraft was piloted by honored test pilot of Russia Federation Sergey Bogdan. He marked the superb flying characteristics of the aircraft. During one hour he tested different work modes of power unit and complex control system. He had to test stability and control characteristics of the aircraft and the unit itself. The pilot had no negative feedback as to the engine, equipment and systems' functioning.
Su-35 fighter is a full-fledged transitory modification to the fifth generation. The aircraft construction involves the technologies, providing it with predominance over the similar class fighters.
We will remind you, that the presentation of new Russian fighter took place July 7 in near Moscow Zhukovski. The first flight of Su-35 took place on February 19 of this year. To date, there has been carried out over 40 flights, which confirmed the aircraft flying characteristics.
Engaging the second fighter in the tests will allow speeding up running the program of manufacturing and delivering Su-35 to Russian and foreign customers by 2011. The aircraft is planned to export to South-West Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America, as it is announced by the press service of "UMPO" Public Corporation.

2008.10.02 - There are three new deep wood processing shops to be opened up in Karaidelsk area.

Due to high cost of logging, conditioned by the remoteness of the wood cutting areas, and low production of business lumber (about 40 percents), the enterprises of Karaidelsk region made a decision to create three deep wood processing shops .
Presently the problems of organizing deep wood processing and producing high quality lumber are urgent not only for our region, but for the entire Russia: so, creation of such shops is a very expensive investment.
The three deep wood processing shops construction will be done within the bounds of socio-economic development program of the region for 2010. The multimode power of these shops will amount to 24800 cubic meters per year.
The new manufacture will be opened in "Altin bars Ltd." In Novo-Mullakaevo village. Its production capacity will amount to 4,8 thousand of cubic meters per year. The "Ufalesprom Ltd." will create a similar shop with production capacity of 15 thousands of cubic meters per year in Baikibashevo village. "Idel Drev Ltd." will open up a similar deep wood processing shop of 5 thousand cubic meters capacity per year in Noviy Berdyash village.
The planed stock is going to include edge-surfaced lumber, matchboard, euro style lining boards and plinth.

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