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 Archive of news - December 2008

2008.12.26 - The "UMPO" Public Corporation presentation was carried out in Kazakhstan capital

The presentation of "Ufa Motor Production Association" Public Corporation was recently carried out at "KazTransOil" stock corporation (Kazakhstan). It was carried out in Astana at the suggestion of Erzhan Azanov, Bashkortostan Republic representative of Russia Federation trade mission in Kazakhstan Republic. Ufa delegation was headed by Vladimir Kluchnikov, the director of production and technology complex.
The directors and experts of "KazTransOil" stock corporation (the subsidiary of "National Company "KazMunaiGas" Stock Corporation) have shown great interest in Ufa motor corporation products. In the October of this year "UMPO" public corporation representatives took part in the work of one of the largest Kazakhstan forums - XVI international exhibition KIOGE-2008 and "Oil and Gas" conference, which took place in Alma Ata.
We will remind you that along with the main production of aviation engines UMPO as well manufactures gas turbine engines for industrial uses. The commercial production of gas turbine drive AL-31ST was based on air engine AL-31F model. This drive is used in gas compressor units of 16 megawatt capacity; as well as AL-31STE, used for modular configuration power plants of 20 megawatt capacity. These products evoke interest not only of domestic, but also near abroad companies.

2008.12.22 - "OZNA" public corporation developed two new projects

The staff workers of "Nature Management Institute" close corporation, which is a part of "OZNA" company, has completed the development of project documentation for the reconstruction of oil-gathering systems of Kichimovsk and Kluchev oilfields, which have pipelines of over 22 km of length.
According to the project, Kichimovsk oilfield will have reconstructed its presently used pipeline system (dismantlement of old pipes and instillation of new ones) of 6.5 km in length.
Kluchev oilfield will get partial reconstruction and new construction of the oil pipeline of 16 km in length.
The client of these projects is territory production "Pokachevneftegas" company, the subsidiary of "Lukoil-Western Siberia" Oil Company.
Presently two more large projects are being developed. Those are the development of seven multiple well platforms at Kluchev oilfield (the client is "Lukoil-Western Siberia" Co. Ltd.) and development of seven platforms at Kamen' license lot with the further reconstruction of booster pump station (the client is "Urainephtegas").
The last project involves opportunities for servicing platforms using helicopters.
In accordance with the projects the Institute specialists are developing general layouts for multiple well platforms, gathering facilities and oil processing, seam pressure maintenance systems, power supply and spur track construction.

2008.12.12 - "Caustic" Public Corporation brings to stop toxic waste burial at "Tzvetaev" landfill

The "Acid Waste" project is fulfilled at Sterlitamak "Caustic" Public Corporation. It was carried out for providing end-to-end solution for chlorine hard waste utilization of epichlorhydrin and perchloroethylene manufacture and hydrochloric acid processing into base products.
It is one of several major ecology and alternative projects, presently carried out at "Caustic". It was started at 2004. During the current year the project expenses came up to 42,36 millions of rubles.
Four years ago there were carried out first experiments of hard waste combustion. The experiment proved the success of the offered solution. The decision was made to construct the stationary unit for hard chlorine waste combustion. However, this did not provide a complete solution of the problem. Faint hydrochloric acid also had to be utilized. Summarizing all the suggestions specialists came up with optimal and complex project, called "Acid-Waste". It is all about creating ramified pipeline network, which provides transportation of faint hydrochloric acid to the locations of its conversation: to inhibited acid production, as well as muriate and bibasic of hypochlorite potassium. This idea made the project perfect and rational not only ecologically, but economically as well.
In the course of project implementation plant specialists offered original technology solutions, which have no analogs in the world. In particular, we talk about the inhibited acid production process layout, carried out by flow line method (presently such unit is used only at "Caustic" public corporation). As another example we can talk about hermetic pump unit of high pressure, used for flowing faint hydrochloric acid through ramified pipeline network. Hard waste suspension unit is "Caustic" public corporation know-how and it has no analogs in the world.
Since the standard layout could not be applied due to large quantity of suspended particles, the scientists have selected pumps for batching of suspension into the furnace. The entire pipeline system was designed exclusively for working with suspension. Stop equipment was selected accordingly.
Worldwide the production of certain highly demanded organic products is connected with formation of toxic chlorine waste, the reprocessing of which into the end product is barely possible. So, the only solution is waste burial at special landfills. Until recently Sterlitamaksk "Caustic" public corporation has also worked in this manner. It buried hard chlorine waste at "Tzvetaevsk" landfill. However, with the introduction of "Acid-Waste" project Sterlitamaksk chemists have found a new ecology and economy profitable solution of this seemingly deadlock situation. According to public relations "Caustic" public corporation department, since the year 2009 waste removal to "Tzvetaevsk" landfill will be completely stopped and the plant will start reprocessing of the stored wastes.

2008.12.01 - Ufa knitting factory has increased its work efficiency and production standards with the implementation of new looms

Republic president Murtaza Rakhimov visited Ufa knitting factory. During his visit he inspected a new production facility, placed in operation in June of the current year.
It is a three-storeyed building of 2665 square meter area. By its construction characteristics it fully corresponds with modern building norms. The facility offers ideal conditions for sewing and knitting production workers. The shops are equipped with forced draft and air conditioning systems. It has a first-aid post, catering room and access control with video surveillance.
Simultaneously the startup of new production facility the factory got the replacement of technological equipment. The president got acquainted with the Stoll German units, which were recently installed at the knitting facility. Those units' startup helped the factory to increase its production volumes by 2-3 times. Republic president showed interest in German units' principle of operation, and talked to engineers and programmers. Right there in the facility, Murtaza Rakhimov had a chance to compare the work of new and old units.
All together the factory received ten new units: eight of them of 10th class, and two of 7.2 class. The last two of them are quite fascinating, because they are versatile. There are no more such units in the Republic. They allow knitting both large and small stitches. This means, one could manufacture with those units both outwear garments and underclothes. With the old equipment this was not possible.
Initially the factory purchased three Stoll units for better evaluating of their capacities. In November the factory got new batch of seven units. The new equipment allowed knotting-out contours of products, which was not possible to do before. Ultimately, the factory has significantly cut down production waste. The designers make templates and the unit knots-out the products. Than you only have sew together almost ready products.
Using German units linen knitting speeded up twice and the end production manufacture - thrice. Another advantage of the new equipment is its serviceability. The units are program controlled. But those programs can be stored on regular flash card.
Presently the knitting shop equipment consists of 15 old and 10 new units. However, with the time the factory plans complete equipment upgrade. Besides Stoll units it has gotten new steam, cutting and sewing units, and Japanese overstitching machines. The entire investment amount for equipment upgrade came up to 30 millions of rubles.
When inspecting the finished-products storage area, the president has shown special interest in national and stage costumes, including ones with hand embroidery. The president talked to art designers, which design those costumes. He also inspected service rooms of the new facility and medical premises.
I should notice that Ufa knitting factory, unlike other similar factories, offers all things to all men - from poor to rich families. The factory refused to manufacture synthetic fiber products and presently it uses only natural fiber, such as cotton, wool, and viscose. It also manufactures school clothes. During the last four years the factory has designed over 150 different school clothe styles. For many years the factory provides school clothes for schoolchildren of Ufa and other country regions. In 2007 its products were delivered to 54 schools; and in 2008 - to 87.
Due to upgrading its equipment to European level, the factory established new sewing shop for additional manufacture of knitted and sewed clothes (pants, skirts, shorts and dresses).
The Republic President got acquainted with the kids' clothes range and asked about the prices for such products. The prices vary at the factory and at the stores by some 40 percents. Murtaza Rakhimov noticed that price markups, as it is everywhere else, are quite high. He also took interest in workers' wages. Most of the factory workers are women with many years record of service. During the last few years the factory increased the number of interns, many of which upgrade their skills in institutions of higher educations and collages working at the same time.
Ufa knitting factory has united, solidary and like-minded staff, who can and wish to manufacture high quality products. The work at the factory is considered to be prestigious. All the vacant engineering and technical openings evoke high level of employee competition.
The President in his visit was accompanied by Rail Sarbaev, the prime-minister of Bashkortostan republic government and other official persons.

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