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 Archive of news - January 2009

2009/01/31 - The industry orients on large manufacture

Bashkortostan tops the list of Russia plants, which manufacture machine-tools. Last year the Republic's companies have manufactured 947 machine tools, which makes it to be one in five machine tools in the entire country.
In tote, according to Bashkortostan statistic for the year 2008, there is a significant growth in equipment and machine manufacture: 145,4 percents compared to 2007. Manufacturing equipment production for agricultural industry has grown by 1,9 times (after the established prices), oil and gas processing equipment production has grown by 34/3 percents, chemical equipment - by 31,4 percents, oil equipment - by 20,9 percents.
The Republic established the manufacture of low capacity concrete mixers. Last year there have been manufactured 9382 of such units.
At the same time, consumer market saturation with certain kinds of products furthered shrinkage in production capacity of vacuum cleaners, irons, mowing machines and electric razors.

2009/01/28 - UMPO got a new Zeiss automated measuring system

In "Ufa motor building production association" Corporation got working a new automated measuring system manufactured Carl Zeiss Company. Now Ufa motor builders can measure machine components with Zeisser accuracy.
Recently staff workers of UMPO central measuring lab went through "Contura G2" machine study course. They were taught by Carl Zeiss Company specialists from Germany. Presently checkout and testing engineers Oxana Melnikova and Svetlana Garankova singly work on German novelty; later on they will teach it their counterparts.
Oxana enters a task into the computer and smart machine smoothly starts the movement of the boring head, which reminds me a small building crane. There is an artificial ruby on its end cap.
- This device can fix 20 thousands of positions for components' measuring and scanning; and their further geometrical parameters measuring. At this the machine does automatically, - explained to us Oxana.
- The software for these automated measuring systems are produced by the same company, as the machines are - explains Svetlana. But, "Contura G2" it is much more complicated and modern, which increases the opportunities for especially complicated shape components' measuring.
- The purchased equipment will allow expanding significantly the number of controlled parameters; to better quality of the manufactured products, - said the assistant of the chief metrologist of the association Zuphar Zairulin. Besides, it will help us in designing more modern products.
There are exacting requirements for "Contura G2" maintenance: it is crucial to maintain the required temperature and moisture. "Contura G2" is installed in special facility, built on special basement made of contemporary vibration-absorbing material, because measurement accuracy requires total absence of any disturbance.
The second stage of company workers' training will be carried out in a month and will be dedicated to measuring of turbine and compressor blades of aviation engines. Thus we were informed by public relations department of UMPO Corporation.

2009/01/23 - A regular session of the situation commission took place in Tuimazy

Field session of the situation commission of Industry, Investment and Innovation policy Ministry of RB took place at Tuimazy concrete hauler plant. Over two hours people have discussed the means of egress from crisis for the city companies. As it was mentioned by the municipal area administration director presently construction and machine building industries experience certain decay. In particular, there is an 1,5 times expected decay in equipment manufacture. Crediting of the large companies is terminated.
According to "Concrete Hauler Tuimazy Plant" Corporation director Valery Khazov, the manufacture of concrete haulers has dropped by over four times. The credits got more expensive and grew from 9 to 15 percents due to the increase of refinancing interest on loans. Presently the production risks continue to grow. Failure to comply business plan counts by 44 percents due to complete demand drop for the plant's products from construction companies. Production diversification 2009 for Concrete Hauler Tuimazy Plant will require over 237 millions of rubles.
The similar situation is found at other plants. Certainly, the manufacturers are not happy with banks' policy. But creditors also have their reasons for cutting down loans' amounts. According to vice-chairman of the RB National Bank Radmir Ganeev, there is large number of loans not returned. Besides, because of the decay in manufacture the situation will hardly improve. Nevertheless, according to directors' opinions, banks are not quite right, when they give loans bailing companies' stock assets instead of the manufactured products. The situation is complicated by increasing prices for gas, electricity and raw materials. However, it companies would raise products' prices they will have to face even bigger challenge in disposal of their products.
All the anti crisis propositions, which come from plants' management as well as from State departments were logged and discussed at the closest anti crisis committee meeting in RB Government.
During this session the participants have also visited several city plants, where they have learned about their problems, found out the opinion of the workers, learned their requests. Thus we were informed by PR department of the Federation Trade Unions.
We will append that a member of situation commission, vice-president of the Trade Union Fedreation of Bashkortostan Republic Valery Apokin, chairman of RB motor building Trade Union Nikolay Liphanov, Tuimazy region administration director Rashit Khairullin, and the management of the leading city plants took part in the committee's work. The session was presided by Industry, Investment and Innovation Policy RB minister deputy Robert Vagapov.

2009/01/19 - UMPO has announced about its preliminary work summaries for 2008

According to provisional data production volume of "Ufa motor building production association" Corporation increased to 14,693 billions of rubles by the year 2008, which accords with the target. And compared with the level of 2007 in comparable prices it mounted up to 102,6 percents. Sale income mounts up to 15.013 billions of rubles. Export share in the overall sale amount of the last year came up to 88 percents. All liabilities before the creditors, suppliers and clients were kept in full measure and in determined terms. So we were informed by the public relations department of UMPO Corporation.
The overall amount of tax and tallage, paid to all levels of Russia Federation budget system for last year mounted up to over 820 millions of rubles.
For the year 2009 the company plans the marketable output growth by 12,7 percents compared to 2008. Production volume increase will be reached on account of stock engine production, as well as other prospective products and their maintenance.
The most significant event, related to the company major business activity were the flight tests of Russia battle plane SU-35 with 117C engines, as well as flight tests of AL-55I engine.
- These events result from responsible and hard work, carried out by Company workers, - said Alexander Artukhov.
The above mentioned info characterizes the summary of UMPO Company activity for the year 2008. It is formed based on the preliminary information on financial and production activity, which still was not checked by auditors.

2009/01/14 - Chine specialists go through training in Ishimbai "Vityaz" Company

A group of "Si Hai" China company representatives arrived to Ishimbai, to "Machine building company Vityaz" Corporation. China company has signed a protocol of strategic partnership intention with this company.
According to this document MK Vityaz Corporation specialists will complete training with their China counterpart on driving rules and technical maintenance of two-link track transporters. The information is provided by Industry, Investment and Innovation Policy Ministry of RB.
Two-link transporters manufactured by MK "Vityaz" represent unique equipment. It is believed they do not have prototypes in the world. Ishimbai all-terrain vehicles are able to trail through impassible swamps, virgin snow and sand deserts. They can both in extra could and heat temperatures, as well as lifting, rescue, earthmoving and other technological equipment ment for various use. The minimal impact they cause on the ground and environment is proved by ecology certificates.
As "Bashinform" agency has already announced, intention protocol signed by both parties, implies interaction in several areas. Among them there is team formation of China and Russia specialists, used for providing technical maintenance of the transporters in China; creation of maintenance base in Chine in case of rapid increase of transporters' sale on PRC; the possibility of establishing in China joint venture for marketing and sale of Russian products; organizing distribution of MK "Vityza" engines and gearsets manufactured in China after USA licence. In prospect there is a possibility of establishing joing venture for manufacturing of such equipment.

2009/01/10 - Sterlitokam petrochemical plant has turned 45

"Sterlitokam petrochemical plant" Corporation has entered 2009 with 45 years of experience in its industry. 45 years ago our country was excited by the news of sterlitokam chemists created first synthetic isoprene rubber.
It is a unique company, where they have carried out a complete technological process from a test tube experiment to industrial manufacturing. The process developers are plant scientists, engineers, technologists and workers. After the first victory there was a series of new achievements and inventions. It is the only place Russia, where there is an established and functioning production of phenolic antioxidants and low-molecular rubber. Presently Bashkir city Sterlitamak is known in many countries of the world, where its company supplies its main plant product: agidol.
According to its press service, the plant is being developed after the scientific strategic plan, which includes modernization of outdated manufactures and development of the new and more prospective ones. For many years "SNHZ" Corporation takes prizes among Bashkortostan enterprises by its economical competition index. Its team has been instated to be "The best Bashkortostan Republic Exporter", "The best Russia exporter", "The best industrial company of Bashkortostan Republic 2007". With prospective plan for the future and possessing high qualification and many years of experience SNHZ Corporation has all preconditions for keeping the leading position in the industry for the future.

2009/01/04 - In the coming year UMPO plans to increase production volume

In the end of 2008 "Ufa motor building production association" Corporation has assembled the firth SU-35 battle plain engine. After completing its fitting 117 C unit (such a name the engine got at the plant) was transported to another shop for carrying out its testing.
As we were informed at the plant, the second SU-35 plane engine, which went through a full cycle of fitting, was made in UMPO. The previous ones were assembled with the aid of NPO "Saturn" workers. The preliminary works for the production chain of plane engines in UMPO is practically finished.
In the coming year UMPO Corporation plans increasing production volume. It will be possible with producing serial engines and prospective products, as well as equipment maintenance.
We should remind that UMPO is listed amongst Russia companies, which play strategic role and if necessary can count on obtaining financial help. This fact is crucial in the respect of constantly growing world economy crisis.

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