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 Archive of news - February 2009

2009.02.27 - Sterlitokam "Cauchuk" Close corporation is the best supplier of the year

According to the supplier activity results 2008 Sterlitokam "Caoutchouc" Close corporation was entered into the Federal Registry of the best suppliers, which is not only a confirmation of company's manufacturing competitive ability, but also reflects the strengthening of its position on the market.
Such high evaluation the caoutchouc makers have received from the ICIC International investment and consulting center (Moscow city) under the aegis of All-Russia research certification institute.
As we were informed by Tamara Nikolaevna, "Caoutchouc" director, entering the company into the Registry, it was evaluated by its product quality (their certification, awards and feedback), contract performance for the governmental institutions and company's financial state.
The Registry data is published in the official edition of the Russia Federation Government - "Russia newspaper", thus forming public opinion on the company and creating a special status for it in the eyes of its consumers and business partners as of stable and solid organization. This promotes its winning of new markets and its recognition on the Federal level.

2009.02.22 - UMPO prepares to launch its vacuum oven of german manufacture

"Ufa motor building production association" Ltd. is carrying out fitting and launch preparation of german "Schmetz" company manufactured vacuum oven. This modern equipment, fitted with electronic control system, is made for high temperature solder of working and nozzle turbine vanes and engine body combustion chamber.
The fitting of the oven is carried out by UMPO specialists with "Schmetz" Company representatives. Fitting completion and carrying out of the test product batch trial is planed for the middle of March - so we were informed by the PR department of the "UMPO" Ltd.

2009.02.20 - "UMPO" Ltd. has elected a new members to its Director Board

The out-of-turn shareholder public meeting took place at the "Ufa motor building production association" public corporation.
As we were informed by the public relations department of the "UMPO" Ltd., this shareholder meeting has elected new members for the company Director Board. Those members were: Artukhov Alexander Victorivich - "UMPO" CEO; Borisovsky Alexander Victorovich - the head of the financial control and budget department of the "OPK Ovoronprom" Ltd. asset and finance control administration; Zilbershtein Mikhail Rudolphovich - depratment director on financial planning of "UK United motor building corporation"; Ivakh Alexander Fedorovich - chief designer of the FGUP "NPP Motor", disigner director and chief designer of the "UK United motor building corporation" Ltd.; Kirpichev Grigiriy Borisovich - finance and asset management department deputy chief of "OPK Oboronprom" Ltd.; Lopatko Vasily Petrovich - "OPK Oboronprom" CEO; Lastochkin Uriy Vasilevich - "NPO Saturn" Ltd. CEO; Lelikov Dmitry Urievich - "OPK Oboronprom" Ltd. CEO deputy; Osin Pavel Mikhailovich - legal department director of the "OPK Oboronprom" Ltd.; Petrov Dmitry Evgenivich - "OPK Oboronprom" CEO deputy; Ponomarev Alexey Konstantinovich - "Inter-agency Analytic Center" CEO deputy; Pustovgarov Uriy Leonidovich - Republic Bashkotostan Prime minister chief deputy, Investment and innovation RB policy and Industry minister; Reus Andrey Gergrievich - "OPK Oboronprom" CEO; Tugaev Mikhail Urievich - inner audit department head at MSFO "OPK Oboronprom" Ltd.
The 15th member of the Director Board is the State representative, set there by the special rule (golden share) and is included into the Board without any elections.
New membership Director Board session took place the same day. The chairman of the Director Board was elected - Andrey Reus. The place of the chairman deputy was given to Alexander Artukhov, "UMPO" Ltd. CEO.

2009.02.17 - "Salavatnephteorgsynthes" spent over 36 millions of rubles for its staff workers' safety

In the year "Salavatnephteorgsynthes" Ltd. has spent over 36 millions 720 thousand rubles for purchasing personal protective equipment for its workers.
Besides the standard personal protection equipment, provided to the workers with no charge according to the industrial rules, "Salavatnephteorgsynthes" has developed additional enumeration of toggery, footwear and other personal protection equipment. The workers, which attend active facilities and those under repair, are provided with it with no charge. Besides, the workers are provided with such personal protection equipment for the sake of creation additional level of safety.
- One of the major employment protection worker duties is proper usage of the protection equipment for personal and collective safety - so we were told by the employment protection department head of "Salavatnephteorgsynthes" Ltd. of the Industrial labor safety administration, Alphiya Zakharova. Company management has a right to expect from the staff workers strict observance of this requirement. That is why Company's facilities will be inspected for proper duty performance of its workers and proper use of special clothes, footwear and other means of personal protection. This inspection will also be done to the workers, who after their job responsibilities attend Company's active facilities and those under repair. After the inspection violators will be subjected to the administrative punishment and even to employment contract termination in cases when such safety neglect resolved in production damage or deliberately created such danger.

2009.02.16 - "Electroaparat" develops a manufacture of new electrical products

"Electroaparat" Ufa plant, being a part of "Electrozavod" holding (Moscow), presently is one of the Russia leading manufacturers of wide specter high-voltage and low-voltage switch equipment, metal products and parts for transformer equipment manufacture. Today plant's products, such as KRU cells for complex switchgear 6, 10, 20 kW of ╩-201 EA, ╩-304, ╩-305, ╩-102 E└ type and complex transformer substations ╩TPP, ╩TPSN and ╩TP type, which make over 60 percents of the entire production volume. "Electroaparat" Ufa plant is the only such plant on the territory of Russia, which manufactures KRU 20 kW cells. The KRU cells Russia energy objects equipment project was carried out in 2008.
During the last years large investments were made into the plant upgrade. Presently without the production cut down the plant is undergoing a wide-scale reconstruction, the new and unique equipment is being fitted together with automated technology lines; new technologic processes are being mastered.
As a result of such radical reconstruction there was installed a new complete switchgear manufacturing (KRU) shop equipped with the modern machinery. The installation and adjusting processes on the automated production line of powder painting, manufactured by "Newpac" was finished.
This production line is an uninterrupted conveyor with four link surface preparation chamber with the simultaneous degreasing, bonderization, drying, and automated painting chamber and polymerization oven. The production facility of over 3000 square meters is being built. It is ment for the production expansion. The research and design activity is carried out for the construction of the new administrative and engineering facility. All the above listed is the key steps in the carrying out of the technical politics, applied for ongoing improvement of the production, based on mastering new technologies and materials, designing modern pieces of the electric equipment; it is pledge of significant improvement of products quality, safety and properties.
The plant management has designed a plan for mastering new technologies; there has been also singled out major directions in production for 2009-2010. Investment amount for carrying out such a program is evaluated as 10 millions Euro.
Presently the plant is mastering the manufacture of RTZO cabins, dc supply panels SPT, and AC panels PSN for the complete equipment delivery to regional heat stations (RHS). For the competition improvement on the equipment production and delivery market for electric equipment and packaging of PS 110/20 kW, PS 110/35/6(10) kW the plant is planing to start the manufacture of TSN external installation cabins, KRU of 35 kW class, container design constructions for KRU placement, KTP SN and other substation management systems.
The manufacture of sectional complete substations 10/20 kW, 110/6 (10) kW, is planed with the implementation of the main production equipment of "Electrozavod" Ltd. enterprises. This will allow carrying out the unification of the manufactured products, cutting down the number of implemented versions of the equipment and cutting down expenses for the equipment design.
Carrying out the planed mission the plant has to bring products manufacture in gross amount to over one billion of rubles during the upcoming year.
Even today plant specialists carry out trial products design, such as complete transformator substations of the kiosk type, heat-insulated and with the service passage, including the concrete ones; KRU cells and KSO of new modifications with the expanded technical characteristics; low-voltage complete devices; automated gas switch of 6, 10 kW load; disconnectors of 6, 10 kW.
One of the latest designs is a low-voltage switchboard device with high minimal strain of the NVO type. It was awarded with the diploma at the "Ural Energy-2008" show and with the first degree award in the nomination "Switchboards for electric plants".
"Electroaparat" Ufa plant delivers its products to the largest power systems: "Mosenergo", "Magadanenergo", "Bashkirenergo", "Tatenergo", "Kurganenegro", "Orenburgenergo", "Edmurtenegro", and to the power systems of the near abroad - to Ukraine, Transdniestria Moldova Republic, Khazakhstan Republic and to the largest Russia industrial companies: Magnitogorsk MK, "Mechel" Ltd., Lipetsk MK, Kopeisk machine building plant, etc.

2009.02.12 - A number of Ufa companies faced the decrease of the consumer demand

By the results of the year 2008 high growth rate of the production and product delivery volumes is found is such sector, as "the production of other non metal mineral products". Such growth is provided mainly on the account bottles and jars production of "Rusdzam-Ufa", where the annual product manufacture amounted to its estimated capacity and came up to 1 billion and 200 millions of bottles.
It was discussed at the Ufa administration conference on the annual production volumes of the city companies for the last year.
As we were informed by the administration head deputy of the Ufa city district Albina Usupova, the second largest industry enterprise "Steklonit" Ltd. has shown great results in 2008. However, starting in October of the last year the company has began the decrease of the manufacture, evoked by the customer solvency.
The decrease of the consumer demand has influenced building materials manufacturers. The production results have decreased compared with the last year at Reinforced concrete plant-2, DSK KPD, and at "Bashkir brick" public Limited Corporation.
At the same time, pulp and paper production and publishing and printing enterprises keep on working stably. Thus, the largest industry company "Bashkortostan" at full pelt is carrying out the reconstruction of its printing manufacture. At the end of the year the printing machine "Rotoman-55" was put to operation. The implementation of this unique machine allows manufacturing the highest quality level printing products.
The technical re-equipment work is also carried out at Ufa publishing complex, where the folding machine was put to operation the last year, which cost, in fact, came up to over 5 millions of rubles.
According to Albine Usupova, the high growth rate of the production and delivery of such products during the entire year was maintained at the food manufactures. Such companies as "Amstar", "Ufa bakery #7", Ufa bakery complex", "Kharsis SNG", "Ufa bakery "Voskhod", New Ufa meat processing complex "NUMIK", and "Ufa milk factory", they all have shown great production results.
The production, delivery and provided services volume textile and sewing industry has grown by over 20 percents. Such growth has been seen at Ufa textile factory and at "Working clothes complex". Nevertheless, the production of gray cloth is decreased at Ufa cotton complex, which resulted in general production reduction. At BHP "Agidel" Company the index has decreased significantly.
According to Albina Usupova, in comparison with 2007 the industry registers mutual defaulted payments; debit and credit liabilities have grown; accordingly by 35 and 23 percents has grown the state budget debt, including the outstanding one.
- Today in the middle of economic instability situation the financial and fiscal discipline has to be toughen, debt collection work has to be strengthened and companies should attempt to avoid creating debts in order to avoid penalties. So we were told by Albina Usupova.

2009/02/09 - "Nephteautomation" is designing SINK for oil producers

The development of system of quantity and quality oil index, oil products and gas (SINK) is a new direction in "Nephteautomation" Corporation activities. After a year of work in this direction the Company has achieved great results.
Last year a SINK was commissioned for "Gas transporting through inter industrial gasmain form Severo-Gubinsk oil deposit to NGK oil deposit" project for TPP "Yamalnephtegas" and "Lukeoil-Western Siberia" Public Corporation. A similar system began to work at UPS "Bastirk" and at UPS "Bonduzskaya" NGLU "Prikamnepht" in "Tatnepht" Corporation.
This year modular blocks are industrially commissioned at PSP "Kalina Kluch" "Tatnepht-Samara" Corporation. Project documentation for four substations 35/6 kilovolt for TPP "Kogalimnephtegas" "Lukeoil-Western Syberia" Corporation went through preliminary preparation and state expertise.

2009/02/05 - UMPO has summarized its innovatory work for 2008

"Ufa motor building production association" Corporation has summarized its innovatory work for 2008.
There were 825 staff workers involved in the innovatory and inventive activity of UMPO during the last year. According to public relations department of UMPO Corporation, only during one year there were 2156 applications submitted with innovatory propositions. And 1244 of them were applied to the production. The saving rate of these innovations is evaluated in 34,95 millions of rubles. Compared to 2007 the sum has increased by 3,15 millions of rubles.

2009/02/04 - Engineering and production UMPO center has carried out testing of new equipment

Successful testing of electric drive "EVIM" with intellect control unit EBKB was carried out at the line production, dispatcher station (LPDS) "Cherkassi" of "Uraltransnephteproduct" Corporation. The equipment was designed and manufactured in Ufa branch of equipment building production association and engineering production center.
The testing proved that electric drive "EVIM" design with control unit EBKB possesses high workability level, fits all safety and reliability requirements at operating the products in blast protected performance. As the result of the testing of electric drive "EVIM", the device was highly estimated by maintenance service specialists.
The plant has also tested an enhanced hand alternator for electric drive, which can significantly facilitate the work of station operators.
As we were informed in marketing department of the Association, the carried out testing will allow to hope for the increase of products' distribution of UMPO. In particular, electric drive "EVIM" will be used at "Uraltransnephteproduct" Corporation facilities.
Commerce service of the engineering and production center is constantly working on georraphy expand of its products distribution. Technical management of Krasnodarsk Krai oil processing "South NPZ" plant under construction showed interest in UMPO products. They already have planned the delivery of about 280 electric drives "EVIM" of various modifications.
The interest to UMPO products is shown not only by domestic, but by foreign companies as well. For example, Italian "Cameron" Company will purchase the products of Ufa instrument engineers for its integration of ball cocks, delivered to Bovanenkovsk oil deposit of "Gasprom" Corporatoin.
TPA "Kombit" is the authorized agent of SAAB Company in Russia and it showed interest in purchasing a batch of pneumatic drives with jet engines (PSDS-3) for stop valve of their gasmain. Presently the delivery of 40 pieces batch of PSDS-3 is being carried out.
A summit was held with the directors of Seraphimovsk pilot plant of automation and telemechanics and with Bugulminsk pilot plant "Nephteautomation" concerning the partnership in the area of drive equipment and joint control systems based on MK4 XX controllers.

2009/02/03 - Bashkortostan economy investment represents an attractive project for "Lasselberger"

International holding "Lasselberger" is one of the major players of the global ceramics, raw materials and building materials market. It opens up the largest ceramic tile plant in Europe on the territory of Republic Bashkortostan. The plant was constructed in shortest possible terms: during two years. This shows great interest both of the foreign investor and Republic government to the project. Such interest is justified. The partnership is mutually advantageous: Bashkortostan receives new jobsites and tax paid to its budget; the holding receives a new plant with extra large capacity and access to Russia market. "Bashinform" agency received the information on the prospective of such partnership, business development in Russia, security of foreign investments, plans for creating another new enterprise from "Lasselberger" holding founder Joseph Lasselberger.
- Mister Lasselberger, you company is successfully developing on the territory of Central and Eastern Europe. What reasons moved you to starting business in Russia?
- The answer to this question lies in company strategy; because of this strategy "Lasselberger" manages such rapid and successful development. "Lasselberger" is client oriented company; its plants are situated in Eastern and Central Europe countries. Due to such location of its manufactures we are capable to meet clients' needs in shortest terms. We serve every local market. So, we study the demand of each region in detail; manufacture the needed volume of the required products and in short terms deliver the products. This way we do not have to cover custom and transportation expenses. We save time and resources. Such strategy, as we may see, is performing well. Presently "Lasselberger" Company almost tops the list of world ceramic tile manufacturers on the market. Our goal is to enter the leaders' triad and possible top it. So, we find new markets, including Russia.
Dynamic growth of country's economy, growing welfare of its people, creation of good conditions for foreign investors, huge territory and availability of resources - all those factors create positive sides for Russia.
- But, Russia territory, as you have mentioned, is huge. Why did you select Republic Bashkortostan for construction of your largest Europe ceramic tile plant?
- Before we made such decision, we have done a tremendous work on gathering and analyzing information. Some regions did not fit our conditions. For example, some remote regions. For instance, if we would have situated the manufacture in the East of the country, in the future we would have had to spend much time for product delivery to the western regions and the other way around. This way we were able to decide on the geographical location of the plant. Economy development level of the region was also crucial to us. Republic Bashkortostan takes the leading place by such activities in Russia. Next, we have analyzed "human" factor. In business people relationships matter much. The president of Republic Bashkortostan Murtaza Gubaidulovich Rakhimov turned to be the person, we desired to build business relations with. His knowledge in key issues, ability to make decisions fast on various problems, ability to make right decision on major issues, and, what is even more important, his interest in the problems of others did not leave place for any doubt. We see that we deal with real professional. Building up and developing business we wish to deal with this kind of person. This way we made our decision to work in your republic.
- In the course of joint action did you face any frustrations as to the choice you've made?
- Not at all. In 2006 in Wien the president of RB and I have signed a protocol of intentions. After this in 2006 we have started the construction of the largest in Europe ceramic tile plant on the territory of Republic Bashkortostan. Murtaza Gubaidulovich personally participated in laying the first stone in the foundation of the future plant. During the whole course of the construction Rakhimov many times visited the site, took part in solving complicated issues and always was willing to learn about any problems and solve them.
The assistance, provided by the man is priceless. His managerial experience, team of professionals in Republic government has significantly simplified the work. We can confidently say that no frustration occurred.
- During two years the largest ceramic tile plant was constructed in Ufa region. When the production will be started?
- The plant has been built and is being placed in operation. On January 15, 2009 was carried out a technical start of the first production line. The first production line capacity is 5 millions of square meters of ceramic tile per year. When the second production line will be started the plant will manufacture over 20 millions square meters of ceramic tile per year. Presently, plant covers the area of over 70 000 square meters. In September we plan to go through official opening ceremony. The plant is going to open its doors for all, who wish to visit it and learn more about plant's products, exposed at the specially constructed show rooms.
- The world finance crisis corrects both present and future prospective of many companies. How do you cope with its consequences?
- We have to acknowledge that the crisis really exists, if beforehand people might say that were was no crisis at all, and that what they experience is game rules change or market conditions hardening; now we got convinced that we entered a hard time. Today companies attempting to survive are forced to cut down their costs, to find alternative decisions coping with the circumstances. It is hard to make any forecast in the situation, because it all depends on politics. We only have to hope for them to be qualified, experienced and smart enough. And, of course, we keep on working even harder than before. Todays difficult economy situation can be conquered only by those entrepreneurs, which invest their intellect and heart into their business; those, who build up or invents something new.
- Do huge amounts of foreign business investments in present economic situation scare you?
- No. We had complete awareness of what we do and analyzed the risks, when we started to develop business in Russia. My confidence in future is based on our relationships with the president of Republic Bashkortostan. This person furnished a security in our Bashkortostan investments. He, as I have already mentioned, has visited our site many times during its construction and knows the business from inside out. Mister Rakhimov personally participated in selecting of land for our construction site and provided us with one of the best spots for plant construction. The attention and understanding he showed in the course of our work proved us in complete security of our investments. Such treatment, for my regret, is not commonly met across not only Russia, but Europe as well.
If we talk about Murtaza Gubaidulovich not only as of experienced manager, and economic executive, but as of human being, I can suggest that we are like brothers with him. Long ago he, as I did, has chosen the path to go and kept going on it. He has set his priorities and got an understanding of the things, most valued in his life, such as family and career. All the energy and time of this person is dedicated to his WORK and his business. Thus, we may conclude that he is very purposeful, whole and committed person. He knows how to deal with different people, able to understand others' problems and help in solving them. Without such qualities he could not have obtained such nice partners and friends. He prefers to deal with every issue personally, without having to rely on others opinions and counsel. He does not waste time and makes decisions fast. His decisions are deliberate, and clear, because a person, which achieved such heights in life, cannot do otherwise. He is dedicated person, dedicated to solving problems of other people. He is the President. The president, whose people and republic must and will prosper and foreign businessmen feel interest and security of their investments.

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