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 Archive of news - March 2009

2009.03.19 - "Synthesis-Caoutchouc" Ltd. And "SNHZ" Ltd. have adequately presented their products at the Moscow show

The XII international specialized "Tires. RTI. Caoutchouc-2009" show has finished its work at Moscow "Expocenter" exhibition complex at Krasnaya Presnay. Sterlitamak "Synthesis-Caoutchouc" Ltd. And "SNHZ" Ltd. Have adequately presented there all types of caoutchoucs and the full range of high quality antioxidants, epoxy hardeners and liquid rubbers.
According to Tamara Nikolaevna, company's manager, companies stand and their products have evoked a great interest of the show visitors as well as of its participants. Show visitors have marked a high quality of the exhibited products, showed high interest in new kinds of products, including stabilizers "Agidol-110" and "Agidol-2".
According to the company head Irina Shagimardaniva, the companies have attained the major goals of the capital show participation: image improvement, finding new markets for their products, and establishing new relations with the suppliers. The meetings and negotiations took place with those companies' representatives, which already have agreed to purchase "Synthesis-Caoutchouc" Ltd. And "SNHZ" Ltd. Products. The relations have been established with new potential customers, who have showed interest in partnership with Sterlotamak companies, having the reputation of reliable partners. In particular, there have been done the negotiations with Russia and foreign customers on "Agidol-2" deliveries.
The scientific and practice conference took place during the Moscow show on: "Tire, rubber technical industry and SK industry: the prospective and development priorities". "Synthesis-Caoutchouc" Ltd. representative participated in the above mentioned conference.
The problems of ecology oil fillers application in oil filled rubber production were discussed at the conference. This business topic is very urgent: starting the year 2010 European legislation provides the regulation of chemicals (REACH) and forces such oils' use.

2009.03.18 - "OZNA" public company has won the tender for large batch of equipment manufacturing for "Surgutnephtegas" Ltd.

The tender took place in Surgut on the production of 205 pieces of measuring equipment and of 18 units for reagent dispensing for "Surgutnephtegas" Ltd. The winner is Octyabrsk "AK "OZNA" Ltd.
The order fulfilment will start at the second quarter of this year. All the equipment has to be delivered to the customer by the end of this year.
As we were informed by the Company press center, three component measuring units "OZNA Massomer" are meant for average daily mass consumption and mass separation of the raw oil and water oil fixture measuring, for average daily consumption and gas volume and for measuring of separated waterless oil.
"OZNA Massomer" units include the technological, equipment modules and life support system elements. The units have five versions of nominal transfer capacity, but by the number of connected wells even up to seven versions.
- It is great that for the third year in line "OZNA" is selected for the key supplier of "Massomer" units for one of the largest oil companies, such as "Surgutnephtegas", - said the CEO deputy of marketing and sails of "OZNA" company Anton Finogentov. - Our specialists have done a great work on tender preparations. All the necessary tender documentation went through a thorough examination. The prime cost decrease of the equipment was also thoroughly calculated. Special attention was given to the improvement of the required products, reliability improvement of the equipment, measuring quality and service convenience.

2009.03.12 - AK "OZNA" "Nature management institute" was selected to be the company of the year

" Nature management institute", which is a part of "AK OZNA" Ltd., was selected to be a prize winner of the All-Russian "The Company of the year" Award for its effective enterprise development, high social and economic characteristics and contribution to the strengthening of the Russia economy. So we were informed by the "OZNA" press service.
The nominee choice for "The Company of the year" award was done by manifold examination of organizations and entrepreneurs, based on public sources information, carried out by analytic agency specialists and experts of the Interregional Entrepreneur Council.
Small and large business companies, carrying out their activities in Russia participated in the selection. Task group specialists have done the ranking of the obtained information by regional and industry categories.
All-Russia "The Company of the year" Award was founded by the Interregional enterpreneur organization in 2006 with the support of Federal Council and State Duma of RF Federal Gathering and Regional development Ministry of the RF.
The main goal of the award is to award the achievements of companies and organizations successfully working in different economy sectors and showing stable market position, as well as vivid development, maintaining high international standards of transparency and informational openness, contributing to further development of their business, maintaining high reputation and competitiveness at the Russia market and attracting new investments into Russia economy.
The prize-winners obtain the right to use the trademark and the name "The Company of 2008 year" in their advertising and PR-campaigns, as well as for product and service manufacturing.

2009.03.11 - Sterlitamak chemists managed to subdue the ever changing value of perchloroethylene

"Caoustik" Ltd. has mastered the manufacture of new product: perchloroethylene stabilized, which is an effective solvent for clothes dry-cleaning. Besides the perchloroethylene is successfully applied for metal degreasing in machine building and other industrial sectors.
Perchloroethylene manufacture was started at "Caoustik" Ltd. back in 1972, when perchlorocarbon (tetrachloride and Perchloroethylene technical) manufacture complex was implemented. But, as we were informed by the company press service, as a result of Geneva Convention, the perchlorocarbon manufacture was discontinued. Perchloroethylene, which is widely used in dry-cleaning and machinery, manufacturer with history, such as "Caoustik" Ltd. "suffered" from instability of such crucial characteristic as environment acidity. During the transportation the environment turned sour. And it had to be turned neutral after the delivery. The problem was that many stabilizers did not prove useful in the long run and could not maintain the environment acidity in the required limits.
Sterlitamak chemists managed to subdue the ever changing value and to provide the consumers with high quality product. The new product is manufactured in accordance with the technical conditions and sanitary permission. Now the "Caoustik" perchlorocarbon is stabilized and does not differ from the similar products of the world manufacture leaders. The stabilizer maintains the solution acidity optimally, increasing the lifetime of the product.
Engineering center specialists have worked on the perchlorocarbon stabilizer creation. Presently the industrial manufacture of this stabilizer is organized and several batches of the stabilized perchlorocarbon were delivered to the domestic consumers.

2009.03.10 - German specialists assist in the UMPO equipment repair

"Ufa motor building production association" Ltd. has started ionic nitriding unit. It is carried out by the manufacturer specialists - "Elektropuls" german company.
According to machine-shop manager of this unit, this is a scheduled repair. The worn out aggregate is being replaced, which had only five years of warranty, but served successfully over 10 years. Thus, the time has come for equipment renewal with the assistance of german specialists.
We should mention that UMPO keeps on carrying out the extensive modernization and re-equipment process, which is financed with large amounts of money.

2009.03.05 - "Tuimazisteklo" will present new products at "Pharmacy-2009" Show

"Tuimazisteklo" Ltd. Will present its new products at the 16th international pharmaceutical show "Pharmacy-2009". The Show is planned for March 17-20 in Moscow exhibition center "Crocus Expo".
"Pharmacy" is a base for trade meetings of manufacturers, distributors, pharmacy network owners and other pharmacy products consumers. Traditionally, the show is supported by State structures, trade associations, leading mass media, etc.
Tentatively, over 400 Russian and foreign companies will exhibit their products at this show. "Tuimazisteklo" Ltd. plans to demonstrate at its stand the entire assortment of its products: starting ampules and ending up with carboys. This will include several novelties.
Presently "Tuimazisteklo" Ltd. is one of the largest medical glass products manufacturer in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent Countries. The plant meets over 80 percents of inner market demand for antibiotic bottles and ampules. The uniqueness of the company is that is manufactures four nomenclatural groups of medical glass products: ampules, glass tube bottles, liquid glass vessels and product glass rod. Other similar domestic plants specialize on manufacturing one or at the most two kinds of such products. The products of " Tuimazisteklo" Ltd. are delivered to Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Belorussia, Georgia and Armenia.
Presently, the plant carries out the radical modernization of the manufacture, which will allow it to manage GMP standards. This project faced some financing difficulties due to the economical crisis, but they will be defeated with the State support. In particular, it is supposed that the Federal budget will provide over 800 millions of rubles for the completion of plant's technical re-equipment.

2009.03.02 - UMPO was listed among the companies subjected to subsidy crediting

The decision was made by the Trade and Industry Ministry of Russia Federation and by Finance RF Ministry to distribute 1.5 billions of rubles among 24 exporter companies, including "Ufa motor building production association" Ltd.
The federal budget will recompense the company part of its loan interest expenses, obtained from the Russia credit organizations. Such right is provided to organizations, exporting industrial products with high level of processing (over 3 years). Besides, the companies also have to match several other requirements, including the following: use the loan funds for export products manufacture, timely keep their loan liabilities and timely transfer all the obligatory payments to the Federal budget and State non-budget funds.
During the current year the commission of both Ministries has provided over 6 billions of rubles for this purpose.
It was not for the first time that the Trade and Industry Ministry Commission has acknowledged UMPO to be corresponding to all the RF Government requirements. The Association has proved it back in 2006, 2007 and 2008. So we were informed by the "UMPO" Ltd. public relations department.

2009.03.02 - Nature management Institute will carry out the project for "Rosnepht"

"Nature management Institute" Corporation (Nizhnevartovsk), which is a part of "OZNA", won the tender, carried out by "Oil Company "ROsnepht"-"NTZ". Tender object was the project work for oil deposit development of Vankorsk group including the external oil transportation system and connection unit of the main oil pipelines of "AK Transnepht" Ltd. The overall project cost is 4.5 millions of rubles, as it was announced in the company message.
Vankorsk oil deposit plans to create 23 multiple well platforms for drilling and to put up 177 oil wells. Experts believe that the most output will amount to 19 millions of tons per year and 5.1 billions of cubic meters of gas. The beginning of industrial oil deposit development at Vankorsk is planed for 2009.

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