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 Archive of news

2009.06.29 - Command exercises on juncture elimination were carried out at Beloretsk metallurgical works.

Beloretsk metallurgical plant took part in command juncture prevention and elimination exercises carried out under the direction of RB Government Prime Minister Rail Sarbaev.
As "Bashinform" agency was informed by the plant press service, the exercise goal was to detect the out-of-staff rescue service (NSAF) and management level of qualification for carrying out the afore set missions; plus it was used for practical training on location and elimination of chemical contamination site.
NSAF inspection was carried out before the exercise start. NSAF includes subdivisions of firemen, reconnaissance and prognostication party, signalers, rescuers, medical staff, etc. The instruction said: "An explosion of container filling flexible cable took place at an ammonia storage with the emission of gaseous ammonia into atmosphere." The general management of NSAF actions was delegated to plant's chef engineer Igor Savelov.
The exercise involved about 70 people and each and every one of them demonstrated high level of professionalism and skill. According to the evaluation given by Valery Khimsamutdinov, the head deputy of Russia Juncture Ministry on RB, Chief of Staff of command exercise, plant staff have managed successfully the afore set situation and proved their preparedness to deal with any juncture.

2009.06.23 - "Immunepreparat" creates a vacine against "pig influenza"

The subdivision of FGUP "NPO Mikrogen" of Russian Health and Social Development Ministry "Immunepreparat" began the creation of monovalent vacine against "pig influenza". As "Bashinform" agency was informed by Guzel Usupova, the company's press secretary, virus strain of A(H1N1) influenza was received from SZO RAMN Research Institute of St. Petersburg. The research institute has received the extremely pathogenic biological substance from USA Control Center of infectious diseases.
According to influenza virus vaccine shop superintendent Vita Lukonina, they have to carry out the strain adaptation and to prepare the foundation stock. Later on its oversight will be carried out together with State Standardization and Medical Drug Control Institute of Lev Tarasevich in Moscow. There will be tests carried out on toxicity, sterility, strange virus and bacteria absence, infection activity and other factors. Thereafter three batches of experimental Ufa vacines will be prepared. They will go through clinical trials on volunteers. Only when the company will attain documents on its positive effects and safety, it will be able to involve into large scale manufacture of this immunobiological drug.
The manufacture of domestic antivirus vacine will allow to protect the Bashkortostan Republic and Russia Federation population from new virus pandemia.
"Pig influenza" is a code name for human and animal disease, caused by influenza virus strains capable of epidemic spread among domestic pigs of USA, Mexico, Canada, South America, Europe, Kenya, Taiwan, Japan and other Asia countries.
The transmission of the virus from animals to humans is rare and tempered pork cannot be the source for contamination. Being passed from animals to humans this virus does not always evoke disease and often times it is unmasked only through human blood antibody detection.
People who work with pigs run the risk of being infected with this disease; but at the same time since the last century 20-ss when such influenza viruses subspecies were identified, there were only 50 cases of humans being infected with this virus registered.
This year outburst of new influenza type known as the "pigs' influenza" was evoked by the virus subspecies A(H1N1), which possesses the most genetic resemblance with the influenza varus widespread among the pigs. The origin of this virus in unknown.
Presently in Russia there have been found only three cases of this virus infection; plus there are two more people suspected to have "pigs' influenza" in Moscow and St. Petersburg, who are watched by the doctors. According to the World Health Organization presently there are over 52 thousands people infected all over the world. 231 of them have been diseased. Most people with "pigs' influenza" are found in USA (21449), Mexico (7624), Canada (5710), Chile (4315) and United Kingdom (2506). There are 99 countries where the cases of this disease were found.

2009.06.10 - One more success of Sterlitakam "Kaustic" Corporation

As we were informed by public relations company department, Sterlitakam "Kaustic" Corporation scientists and engineers have accomplished a large breakthrough in the area of suspension polyvinylchloride quality rise. As a result of their efforts started by the management order in the beginning of 2009, there was obtained a high-performance and unique modifying addition, used for different types of polyvinylchloride (PVC) production. Based on it there was created a large number of formulations for producing purposeful qualities compositions, able to provide their reprocessing in different conditions and ratios.
Many types of this polymer, manufactured by "Kaustic" Corporation, are used for reprocessing into hard and plasticizing PVC products. For instance, it is used for the production of window sections, siding, films, wide range of cable elastrons, which conform to the requirements of Russia and CIS many industry sectors.
On the ground of experimentally acquired information there was developed addition synthesis technology. Experimental-industrial trials have corroborated such special PVC qualities, which was synthesized using the addition; it guaranteed a large scale range of formula options showing the balance of thermal stability, apparent density and size recoil partical.
The synergetic additions to PVC composition, which works after different patterns influencing directly or indirectly its specific qualities and producing salutary effect, allows to carry out polymerization process of vinyl chloride (VC) at high and even speed. Polyvinylchloride obtained with the use of such modifying addition, possesses an improved thermal stability, flowability, even grain-size structure and high frost resistance.
As any other research work, the creation of this substance began with study of special scientific and technical publications well in advance to attaining the real results. During this time hundredth of laboratory experiments were carried out, as well as many experimental-industrial trials and scientific disputes took place. The importance and urgency of the attained results is hard to overestimate, because plant's management realizes the high level of market competition and future prospect of fierce struggle for high quality and brand assortment produced prior to winning new market segments.
The VC-PVC complex modernization started on the plant includes not only facility increase to 200 thousands tons per year of polyvinylchloride production, but also quality outbreak in major approaches to all plant activities including recourse-saving, rational nature management, irreproachable maintenance of all normative documentation requirements on environmental issues. The investment budget, provided by the shareholders for this purpose for 20087-2009 period amounts to 2,2 billions of rubles. These funds are drawn strictly according to the developed schedule.

2009.06.03 - Electrolux air conditioners new technologies

In the coming season well known Swedish Electrolux brand hopes to boost consumer demand for new split-systems and mobile conditioners on the account of improved technologies and proper pricing policy. According to experts, European manufacturer climatic appliance is "a gasp of fresh air, while less stable companies increase appliance prices due to dollar and Euro currency growth". Indeed, some manufacturers react on economical crisis by optimizing their expenses and temporarily ceasing designing new models.
Today Electrolux demonstrates stable development. It shows in creating bright and constructive proposals in the area of climatic appliances. What is so different about Electrolux appliances? It is the affordable price and innovative solutions, - so state the experts.
The unique novelty of the new split-system of Art Style series is its Golden Fin heat exchanger special anticorrosive coating made of titanium dioxide. Cutting-edge technology allows them to make the air conditioners' work even more efficiently. Golden Fin coating due to its structure prevents fungus and virus growth in conditioners, thus, it serves as an additional filter for air desinfection.
Electrolux has equipped all its mobile conditioners with high efficiency air cleaning system. It includes precipitation filter, Silver-filter and ionizer. Precipitation filter protects conditioners from getting clustered up with dust and from its further spreading around facilities.
Today new Electrolux program includes wide range of 15 new climatic appliances models, - so we were informed by GK "Rusclimate" press service. It is a serious market offer, where manufacturers and distributors keep on putting the old models on sale and are unable to offer anything new.

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